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Osteocom Bio Esthetic Adhesive Dentistry / Didier Dietschi


Bio-Esthetic Adhesive Dentistry (Didier Dietschi)

Didier Dietschi
Welcome to Bio-Esthetic Adhesive Dentistry, the complete video course dedicated to the most innovative additive dentistry protocols and techniques for the successful restoration of teeth affected by erosion.
An osteocom exclusive, Bio-Esthetic Adhesive Dentistry is presented by one of the world’s leading experts in the field Dr. Didier Dietschi (Geneva).
The course promotes a bio-esthetic approach to additive dentistry, with the aim of addressing the issues generally observed for adhesive protocols.
The total respect for the biology of the tooth and the preservation of its structures lies at the heart of this approach, a philosophy of work that puts the clinician in condition to follow a logical process and identify the best treatment option.
A new concept of interceptive and selective treatment of tooth wear is also introduced and thoroughly addressed, a real turning point in the management of erosion and friction pathologies, based on a global and ethical vision of the case-specific scenario.
The concept of progressive treatment at the core of this didactic path will lead the learner towards the development of a renewed ethical awareness concerning adhesive restoration protocols, with special focus on esthetic areas, direct bonding procedures, the Natural Layering Concept and innovative restorative protocols.
Bio-Esthetic Adhesive Dentistry divides into two modules.

Module 1: New protocols and strategies for direct esthetic restorations in the smile frame

Indications & Limits of Direct Bonding in Anterior Esthetics  (Video-1)
The Natural Layering Concept: Latest Developments & Clinical Application (Video-2)
Treatment Planning & Diagnostic Tools for Advanced Direct Bonding: 1D / 2D / 3D (Video-3)
Restorative Protocol: from Layering to Polishing (Video-4)

Module 2: Interceptive & Selective Treatment of Tooth Wear: a breakthrough in managing erosion and attrition pathologies

Diagnosis, Risk factors & Modern Treatment Strategies (Video-5)
Direct-Interceptive Treatment Strategy: Free-Hand Bonding Protocols (Video-6)
Direct & Indirect Treatment Strategies: Molding & Hybrid clinical protocols (Video-7)

The course comprises extensive complimentary clinical videos, designed to enable the user to understand the practical management of the concepts described in both modules.

Download the Course Program pdf file
7 Videos (330 minutes) –  Files size 3.17 GB