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Osteocom Wisdom Tooth Extraction Jason Motta Jones


A video course on the safe extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
The Impacted Wisdom Teeth course by Dr Jason Motta Jones includes a series of theoretical lessons and footage of a number of surgeries using the ReLIVE formula.
The course is a support tool seeking to help anyone to feel confident and equipped to perform Wisdom Tooth surgery.
This course enables you to:

Learn how to manage and prevent intra – and post operative complications;
Assess the position of the wisdom teeth – from anaesthesia to incision – with a special emphasis on surgical treatment and post-operative patient management;
Explore how to prevent neurological damage and safely perform an extraction procedure with preventive risk analysis.

Finally, the course outlines the development of surgical techniques such as odontotomy and the surgical instruments needed.
Plus a video for Prof Cardarelli- Piezo surgery of impacted wisdom teeth
Osteocom Wisdom Tooth Extraction / Jason Motta Jones

1. Intra and Post Surgical Complication in Extractive Surgery

2. Nerves in Extractive Surgery

3. Surgical Extraction of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar

4. Lower Right Third Molar Extraction with Deep Scar Tissue Adhesions and Fibrosis

5. Lower Right Impacted Third Molar Removal

6. Surgical Technique for Impacted Teeth

7. Surgical Instruments for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

8. Surgical Extraction of Element 38 the Importance of Dental Follicle Removal

9. Coronectomy as a Surgical Approach to Partially Erupted Third Molar

10. Impacted Maxillary Third Molars Classification, Surgical Extraction and How to Manage Complications
11 Videos – File size 9 GB