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Pathology Board Review 2020

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Topics And Speakers:
Anatomic Pathology

Breast Pathology – Ryan Jones, MD

Dermatopathology – Robert Moore, MD

Gastrointestinal Pathology – Part I – Kristen Stashek, MD

Gastrointestinal Pathology – Part II – Kristen Stashek, MD

Liver Pathology – Kathleen Byrnes, MD

Soft Tissue Pathology – John M. Gross, MD

Bone Pathology – John M. Gross, MD

Head and Neck Pathology – Lisa Rooper, MD

Get Pumped Up: Cardiovascular Pathology Board Review – Melanie Bois, MD

Thoracic Pathology – Mitra Mehrad, MD

Pediatric and Placental Pathology – Amy Treece, MD

Cytopathology I – Gynecologic Cytopathology – Christopher VandenBussche, MD, PhD

Cytopathology II – Fluids – Christopher VandenBussche, MD, PhD

Cytopathology III – Fine Needle Aspiration – Christopher VandenBussche, MD, PhD

Forensic Pathology – Stephanie Dean, MD

Medical Renal Pathology for the Boards – Jonathan Zuckerman, MD, PhD

Gynecologic Pathology – Maryam Shahi, MD

Genitourinary Pathology Part I – Kidney, Bladder, Penis, Scrotum – Andres Matoso, MD

Genitourinary Pathology Part II – Testis, and Prostate – Andres Matoso, MD

Neuropathology – Fausto Rodriguez, MD

Hematopathology – Lymph Nodes – Madhurima Koka, MD, PhD

Bone Marrow Pathology – Zeba Singh, MBBS

Clinical Pathology

Transfusion Medicine I – Eric Gehrie, MD

Transfusion Medicine II – Eric Gehrie, MD

Chemistry I – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC

Chemistry II – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC

Chemistry III – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC

Chemistry IV – Stefani Thomas, PhD, NRCC

Hematology – Garrett S. Booth, MD, MS

Benign White Blood Cell Disorders – Garrett S. Booth, MD, MS

Coagulation – Geoffrey Wool, MD, PhD

Immunology and Flow Cytometry – Laura Wake, MD

Molecular Pathology – Jialing Huang, MD, PhD

Microbiology I – Bacteriology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP

Microbiology II – Mycobacteria – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP

Microbiology III – Mycology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP

Microbiology IV – Parasitology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP

Microbiology V – Virology – Alexander J. Fenwick, MD, FCAP

Cytogenetics – Jennelle Hodge, PhD

Overview of Laboratory Management: Principles and Practical Aspects – Christopher Tormey, MD

Overview of Laboratory Mathematics & Statistics: Principles and Practical Examples – Christopher Tormey, MD

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