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PEDIATRIC BOARD REVIEW COURSE 2023 (13TH EDITION) (Videos + Audios + Ebooks)



As physicians, we’re trained to learn “everything” in our field, and we apply the same methodology to how we prepare for an exam. We start from the first sentence and take a top-to-bottom approach.
But these strategies do NOT work when you are studying for the pediatric boards.

That’s why at Pediatrics Board Review, we focus on creating a full, one-stop shop for you to focus your learning on three things. They include:

The specific topics that will be tested on the exam.
The strategy behind test taking, and how to deconstruct difficult questions with ease.
The tools, schedules, and systems needed to promote efficiency and accountability.

The PBR’s 2023 pediatric board review course offers you a complete SYSTEM. We not only teach you about the pediatric topics you need to know for the boards, but we also teach you test-taking strategies and Deep Study techniques to ensure you have the BEST chance at passing your pediatric board exam. We also provide a peer-group for educational support.