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Pediatric Orthodontics BASICS


An introduction to orthodontics for children and teens
This introductory training course focuses on a key aspect in modern orthodontics that targets young patients – from 3 years of age until the age of full tooth development.
The educational objective is to describe early diagnosis and treatment techniques and approaches, allowing the orthodontist to intercept, prevent and treat the developing problem, eliminate the cause, guide the growth of jaw and facial bones, and provide adequate space for incoming permanent teeth.
The bottom line in pediatric orthodontics is that malocclusion problems are generally easier to correct when diagnosed and treated early.
The specialist must therefore be able to:

effectively recognize early signs that foreshadow pathological pictures
correctly interpret the diagnostic plan and, consequently, the treatment plan


Prevention and treatment of “malocclusions” in children
The benefits of early orthodontic treatment
Cephalometric analysis in young patients
Interceptive orthodontics
Prevention and identification of anamnestic and clinical alerts

Thanks to Pediatric Orthodontics you will get a deeper understanding of:

The problems that need to be treated in pediatric age and those for which is suggested to wait for the end of physical growth
Modern diagnostic systems for young patients
The skeletal and dental diagnostic evaluations that can be obtained from the first visit with the latero-lateral teleradiography
Timing for the early diagnosis of “malocclusions”
How to evaluate bad habits through diagnostic tests
Orthodontic protocols in development age
How to collect information on sagittal and vertical growth in the young patients

Presented By: Arturo Fortini, Valentina Lanteri, Alvise Caburlotto, Enrica Tessore
5 Videos – Duration: 4 hours & 35 minutes – File size: 10 GB