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Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Heart Rhythm 2022) ( VIDEOS)


Format : 85 Videos
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A curated bundle of Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease sessions presented at Heart Rhythm 2022. The education is presented in various learning formats, including Case-Based, Case-Based: Complicated Case, Debate, Core Curriculum, Abstracts, and more.

Content Overview

The Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease category contains the following sessions from Heart Rhythm 2022:

A Step by Step Approach to Ablating Challenging Arrhythmias (PE-379)
Advances in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (PE-565)
AI in Pediatric and Congenital EP (JS-414)
Avoiding Temptation (PE-371)
Challenging Dilemmas in Pediatric EP (PE-367)
Challenging Management Decisions (PE-499)
Clinical Conundrums in EP Clinic (PE-500)
Complex Ablation in Congenital Heart Disease (PE-387)
Debate: A CRT Device Should Be Implanted After Every Case of Surgical Complete Heart Block (PE-390)
Debate: VT Debate in ACHD (PE-373)
EP Presbyopia: Challenges That are Right in Front of Us (PE-375)
Fundamentals of Repolarization in Children (PE-381)
If You Want to Go Far, Go Together (PE-383)
Incorporating Incidental Data into Clinical Management (PE-388)
It’s Our World and We Have to Run it (PE-502)
Master Class: Pediatric Electrophysiology (PE-384)
My Nightmare Case – What Would I Have Done Differently? (PE-389)
New and Old Questions in Adult Congenital Heart Disease (PE-382)
Pediatric Electrophysiology (PE-568)
Pediatric EP Challenges in the Next 5-10 Years: Workforce, Training, Resources (PE-376)
Research Makes My Practice Better (and Practice Makes Research Better) (JS-457)
Therapies Headed to Pediatrics (PE-501)

Learning Objectives

After watching a reasonable amount of Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Heart Rhythm 2022), the learner should be able to:

Identify and analyze the latest scientific advances and innovations in the field of heart rhythm disorders.
Select appropriate, evidence-directed pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with heart rhythm disorders.
Recognize alternative perspectives regarding areas of controversy for which scientific evidence is insufficient, controversial, inconclusive, or confusing.
Utilize quality improvement measures, methods, and tools to foster systems-based improvements in heart rhythm care, outcome, and value.
Analyze and improve processes related to inter-professional teams, care coordination, patient engagement, and communication to optimize the delivery of patient- and family-centered care.
Assess the impact of regulatory and institutional policies, and societal and cultural norms, on safety, timeliness, equity (including diversity and inclusion), effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centered care, and value.
Utilize improved communication methods to engage with patients and caregivers for increased shared decision-making in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders
Evaluate the latest technology available for both professionals and consumers in the field of heart rhythm disorders.
Recognize disparities in health care and describe strategies to reduce these disparities in patient care.
Utilize shared decision-making resources in discussing monitoring and treatment of patients with heart rhythm disorders.
Describe the latest cardiac device advisories and/or recalls and explain how to share this information with patients and caregivers.
Explain the current and future trends in digital health that will impact the treatment of heart rhythm disorders.
Describe best practices for managing a device clinic, an AF center, and/or a multidisciplinary electrophysiology practice.

Learning objectives specific to the session are listed at the individual session within Pediatrics & Adult Congenital Heart Disease (Heart Rhythm 2022).

Target Audience

This activity is designed for all professionals who participate in the care and management of heart rhythm disorders.

Course List: 

Case-Based: Complicated Case
Core Curriculum
Joint Session
Lunch and Learn
Master Class