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[Original PDF] Practical Guide to Interpret Visual Fields, 4th Edition

Practical Guide to Interpret Visual Fields, 4th Edition (Original PDF from Publisher)


The aim of this practical guide is to focus on the interpret visual fields. The primary intention of this book is to present automated perimetry in a simple and illustrated manner devoid of all technical details and theoretical abstractions which abound in standard perimetry textbooks. It is designed to serve as a handbook for practicing ophthalmologist by providing information to supplement what is available in currently prescribed textbooks. This book consists of 12 chapters, which include introduction to automated static perimetry, fundamentals of automated perimetry, classification and understanding of visual field printouts, identification of nonglaucomatous field defects and artifacts, classification of primary open-angle glaucoma, interpretation of single field analysis printouts of type 1 primary open-angle glaucoma/ type 2 primary open-angle glaucoma/ type 3 primary open-angle glaucoma, assessing glaucoma progression, and new point pattern 24-2 C Sita faster. The content of this guide have been so organized to facilitate easy use by all practicing ophthalmologists and postgraduate students and to serve as a guide in the interpretation of visual field printouts of automated perimetry.

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  • Publisher:JAYPEE (January 1, 2020)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:9389587018
  • ISBN-13:978-9389587012
  • ISBN-13:9789389587012
  • eText ISBN: 9789354654046
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