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Radiopaedia 2021 (July 19 – 23) Videos


Radiopaedia 2021 (July 19-23) was a five-day virtual radiology conference featuring over 70 new live and on-demand lectures contributed by experts from around the world. Live sessions included panel discussion and interactive cases. We have now entered the on-demand access period for registered attendees.
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The conference is designed to suit all learners, with lectures divided into an advanced stream targeted at radiologists and radiology trainees, and a general stream featuring foundational content. Delegates are, however, welcome to watch any lecture from either stream (see on-demand program).
Advanced stream – Day 1
A series of abdominal imaging lectures.

Gastric cancer: getting the important info to the table  Matt A Morgan  ★
Complex small bowel obstructions  Michael Hartung  ★
Focal lesions in the non-cirrhotic liver Mark Goodwin  ★
Focal lesions in the cirrhotic liver Mark Goodwin  ★
Acute non-traumatic abdominal pain in pregnancy Vikas Shah  ★
Cancer mimics in the abdomen and pelvis  Michael Hartung  ?
“3×3” presentation  Pir Abdul Ahad Aziz  ?

A series of gynecologic imaging lectures.

MRI of endometriosis: beyond T2 shading  Natalie Yang  ★
Ultrasound assessment of the fetal brain  Alexandra Stanislavsky  ★
Imaging of subfertility  Emmeline Lee  ★
Imaging of twin pregnancy  Alexandra Stanislavsky  ?
Ultrasound of ovarian masses  Alexandra Stanislavsky  ?

General stream – Day 1
A series of foundational abdominal radiology lectures.

Introduction to abdominal CT  Michael Hartung  ★
Abdominal obstructions: ballooning around  Andrew Dixon  ★
Right upper quadrant pain: no stone unturned  George Harisis  ★
Left upper quadrant pain: the forgotten corner  Matt A Morgan  ★
Left lower quadrant pain: to diverticulosis and beyond!  Vikas Shah  ★
Right lower quadrant pain: a survival guide  Matt A Morgan  ?
Anatomy of the retroperitoneum & renal tract  Craig Hacking  ?

Advanced stream – Day 2
A series of neuroradiology and head & neck imaging lectures.

Perfusion and diffusion imaging in stroke  Frank Gaillard  ★
Interactive review of the oral cavity  Christine Glastonbury  ★
Epilepsy in adults: approach to MRI brain interpretation  Derek Smith  ★
Spontaneous intracranial hypotension and spinal CSF leaks  Lalani Carlton Jones ★
Facial and skull base fractures  Francis Deng  ★
Perineural tumor spread and the skull base  Karda Cavanagh  ★
Imaging of the post-operative neck  Jennifer Gillespie  ★
Beyond thrombectomy: innovations in neurointervention  Tim Phillips  ★
Imaging paranasal sinus disease: anatomy, approach, traps  Jenny Hoang  ★
Perivascular cysts and their mimics Frank Gaillard  ?
Orbital pathology  Andrew Dixon  ?
“3×3” presentation  Bahman Rasuli  ?

General stream – Day 2
A series of foundational neuroradiology lectures.

Introduction to brain MRI  Andrew Dixon  ★
Ischemic stroke  Frank Gaillard  ★
Brain tumors  Andrew Dixon  ★
Intracranial infections  Francis Deng  ★
Neck emergencies  Derek Smith  ★
Intracranial bleeds  Andrew Dixon  ?
Anatomy of the ventricles and cisterns  Andrew Dixon  ?

Advanced stream – Day 3
A series of chest imaging lectures.

Pulmonary lymphatics: differentiating diffuse disease  Miranda Siemienowicz  ★
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: diagnostic guidelines  Jonathan Chung  ★
Anterior mediastinal masses: what the radiologist needs to know  Naveen Sharma  ★
Overview of cardiac MRI and common indications  Ben Hudson  ★
Imaging of acute aortic syndromes  Craig Hacking  ★
Air trapping, pulmonary cavities & lung cysts  Miranda Siemienowicz  ?
“3×3” presentation  Edgar Lorente  ?

A series of pediatric imaging lectures. ​

Pediatric brain tumors: an overview  Jeremy Jones  ★
Pediatric abdominal emergencies  John Adu  ★
Scoliosis imaging: how we can make a difference  Jeremy Jones  ★
Pediatric body oncology  Jeremy Jones  ?

General stream – Day 3
A series of foundational chest radiology lectures.

Chest x-ray interpretation: lungs and pleura  Andrew Dixon  ★
Chest x-ray interpretation: heart and mediastinum  Sally Ayesa  ★
Chest x-ray interpretation: lines and tubes  Nick Woznitza  ★
Introduction to chest CT and CTPA  Craig Hacking  ★
Chest trauma  Andrew Dixon  ?
Anatomy of the mediastinum  Craig Hacking  ? 

Advanced stream – Day 4
A series of musculoskeletal imaging lectures.

​Radiographic evaluation of bone lesions Matt Skalski  ★​​

​Part I – introduction to tumor features
Part II – benign bone lesions
Part III – aggressive bone lesions

An approach to shoulder MRI  Dai Roberts ★
Dynamic elbow ultrasound: tendinopathies and ligament assessment  Daniel Walkley  ★
Multimodality imaging of diabetic foot infection  William Morrison  ★
An approach to ankle MRI  Henry Knipe  ★
Easily missed knee injuries on x-ray with CT and MRI correlation  Diego Lemos  ★
Imaging of coccygeal pain  Matt Skalski  ?
“3×3” presentation  Magdalena Chmiel-Nowak  ?

A series of nuclear medicine lectures. ​

Nuclear medicine renal imaging: an overview for radiologists  Sally Ayesa  ★
A guide to non-oncologic PET-CT  David Little ★
Bone scans: what the radiologist needs to know Sally Ayesa  ?

General stream – Day 4
A series of foundational musculoskeletal radiology lectures.

X-ray assessment of elbow injuries  Jeremy Jones  ★
X-ray assessment of wrist injuries  Andrew Murphy  ★
X-ray assessment of ankle injuries  Henry Knipe  ★
X-ray assessment of knee injuries Andrew Dixon  ★
X-ray assessment of shoulder injuries  Craig Hacking  ★
X-ray assessment of hand injuries  Andrew Murphy  ★
Anatomy of the upper limb  Andrew Dixon  ? 

Combined stream – Day 5
A series of how to / tips lectures relevant to various groups.

How to prepare a talk  Frank Gaillard  ★
Tips and tricks for modern radiology teaching  Vikas Shah  ★
Closing the gap: cross generational learning in radiology  Sherry Wang  ★
Learning, teaching and testing x-ray interpretation  Michael Neep  ★
Reading chest x-rays with Annalise.ai  Andrew Dixon  sponsored
Tips and tricks for image-guided biopsies and drainages  Heather Moriarty  ★
When clinicians ask you about IR Chris Nicholas  ★
Why a radiologist should learn pathology  Natalie Yang  ★
Why you need an AI specialist in your department  Luke Oakden-Rayner  ★
How to get the consultant job you want, where you want  David Little  ★
How to build a medical device company  Thomas Oxley  ★
Medical illustration: yes, even you can do it  Matt Skalski  ★
Mindfulness in radiology: avoiding distractions and burnout  Naveen Sharma  ★
Preparing for radiology fellowship exams  Sally Ayesa  ?
A talk on giving talks  Frank Gaillard  ?
Procedural tips for the non-IR  Chris Nicholas  ?
How to make a great radiology report  Michael Hartung  ?
Social media for radiologists  Vikas Shah  ?