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Radiopaedia 2022 Virtual conference


Radiopaedia 2022 (July 25-29) our five-day virtual radiology conference has concluded and registration has now closed. If you were lucky enough to register then full on-demand access to all lectures, panel discussions, workshops and session replays is now available when you log in.

Advanced lectures – Day 1A series of neuroradiology and head & neck imaging lectures. 

Brain tumor update – WHO 5th edition  Frank Gaillard
Understanding the lower four: CN9-12  Christine Glastonbury
Spinal tumors in adults  Derek Smith
Cavernous sinus: from anatomy to pathology  Lalani Carlton Jones
Toxic and metabolic brain disease patterns in adults  Francis Deng
Imaging approach to pulsatile tinnitus  Jennifer Gillespie
Non-tumor spinal cord disease  Tilak Das
Incidental thyroid nodules – approach and culture shift  Jenny Hoang
Knowing where to look: clinical localizing signs and the brain  Tabby Kennedy
Spontaneous intracranial hypotension and spinal CSF leaks  Lalani Carlton Jones

General lectures – Day 1A series of foundational MRI lectures.

Introduction to MRI physics and safety  Donald McRobbie
Introduction to lumbar spine MRI  Andrew Dixon
Introduction to cervical spine MRI  Derek Smith
Introduction to knee MRI  Andrew Dixon
Introduction to MRCP  Matt A Morgan
Introduction to brain MRI  Andrew Dixon

Case workshop – Day 1

Head & Neck emergencies  Andrew Dixon & Derek Smith

Advanced lectures – Day 2A series of musculoskeletal imaging lectures.

Sacroiliac joint variants and pathology  Matt Skalski​​
An approach to wrist MRI  Dai Roberts
Femoropatellar instability on CT and MRI  P. Diana Afonso
MR imaging of glenoid labral tears  Diego Lemos
Interventional radiologic procedures in pelvic bone tumors  Yet Yen Yan
Imaging of synovial pathologies  Tatiane Cantarelli
Ultrasound evaluation of finger pathology  Gonzalo Serrano Belmar
An approach to bone marrow in lumbar spine MRI  Imran Lasker

A series of nuclear medicine lectures. ​

Diagnostics and theranostics with PSMA & DOTATATE  Sally Ayesa
Clearing up unclear medicine with SPECT/CT  David Little
Nuclear medicine imaging of cardiac amyloidosis  Paige Bennett

General lectures – Day 2A series of foundational x-ray lectures.

Introduction to x-ray physics  Matt Skalski
Chest x-ray interpretation: lines and tubes  Amanda Er
Abdominal x-ray interpretation  Vikas Shah
X-ray interpretation of foot injuries   Andrew Murphy
X-ray interpretation of hip and pelvic injuries  Craig Hacking
X-ray interpretation of elbow injuries  Jeremy Jones

Case workshop – Day 2

Chest x-ray cases with CT correlation  Sally Ayesa & Andrew Dixon

Advanced lectures – Day 3A series of chest and cardiovascular imaging lectures.

Pulmonary fibrosis – imaging survival guide  Miranda Siemienowicz
Occupational lung diseases: beyond the classical pneumoconioses  Jonathan Chung
How to approach cardiac CT  Ben Hudson
Exploring pleural diseases on x-ray and CT  Stefan Tigges
Top 10 papers to know in IR  Heather Moriarty
Imaging of acute aortic syndromes  Craig Hacking
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: diagnostic guidelines  Jonathan Chung

A series of pediatric imaging lectures. ​

Pediatric knee MRI: they’re not just small adults  Jeremy Jones
Demystifying the pediatric chest  John Adu
Pediatric IR: more than just lines and biopsies  Kish Minhas

General lectures – Day 3A series of foundational CT lectures.

Introduction to CT physics  Tim Szczykutowicz
Introduction to HRCT chest  Miranda Siemienowicz
Introduction to oncology staging CT  Sally Ayesa
CT case workshop  Andrew Dixon & Vikas Shah
Introduction to abdominal CT  Michael Hartung
Introduction to chest CT and CTPA  Craig Hacking

Case workshop – Day 3

Pediatric emergencies  Jeremy Jones
Pediatric emergencies  Jeremy Jones

Advanced lectures – Day 4A series of abdominal imaging lectures.

Inflammatory bowel pathology  Michael Hartung
Urinary diversions: from bowel to bladder  Matt A Morgan
Ultrasound of inflammatory bowel disease  Ruth Reeve
An approach to prostate MRI  Joseph Mullineux
Cystic pancreatic lesions  Edmund Godfrey
Tips and tricks for image-guided biopsies and drainages  Heather Moriarty
Acute non-traumatic abdominal pain in pregnancy Vikas Shah

A series of gynecologic imaging lectures.

MRI assessment of uterine fibroids  Natalie Yang
Cesarean scar imaging: Scar-y things you need to know  Emmeline Lee
O-RADS MRI classification for adnexal lesions  Nishat Bharwani
MRI assessment of adenomyosis  Natalie Yang

General lectures – Day 4A series of foundational ultrasound lectures.

Introduction to ultrasound physics  Amy Barnes
Introduction to hepatobiliary ultrasound  Matt A Morgan
Introduction to renal tract ultrasound  Matt A Morgan
Introduction to shoulder ultrasound  Dai Roberts
Introduction to pelvic ultrasound  Avni Skandhan
Introduction to scrotal ultrasound  Jeremy Jones

Case workshop – Day 4

Abdominal emergencies  Michael Hartung & Vikas Shah

Pediatric emergencies  Jeremy Jones
Case workshop – Day 4

Abdominal emergencies  Michael Hartung & Vikas Shah

Combined lectures – Day 5A series of professional development and innovation lectures.

Post-mortem radiology: not the same as clinical radiology  Chris O’Donnell
Imaging in mass fatality situations  Claire Robinson
Being an expert witness, writing reports and giving evidence  Jeremy Jones
Helping to build imaging capacity in low-resource health systems  Liz Joekes
Radiologists and athlete care: lessons from the Tokyo Olympics  Bruce Forster
Tech to enhance your reporting setup and efficiency  Daniel Fascia
How virtual reality is changing radiography education  James Hayes
Providing a supportive environment for LGBTQ patients  Amanda Bolderston
Uses of extended reality in radiology  Dimitri Amiras
Communication creates culture  Hannah Ireland
The rules of radiology reporting  Paul McCoubrie
The curious case of Baum’s loop  Frank Gaillard
Tips and tricks for modern radiology teaching  Vikas Shah
Mindfulness in radiology: avoiding distractions and burnout  Naveen Sharma
Why a radiologist should learn pathology  Natalie Yang