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Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2021


Aug 31st – Benign Diseases of the Esophagus.mp4
Aug 31st – Controversies in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.mp4
Aug 31st – Devil’s in the Details Biliary – Managing Complex Cholecystectomy Problems.mp4
Aug 31st – Devil’s in the Details Flexible Endoscopy – Endoscopic Management of GI Tract Perforations.mp4
Aug 31st – Devil’s in the Details Laparoscopic Common Bile Duct Exploration (Acute Care).mp4
Aug 31st – Devil’s in the Details Robotics – Robotic eTEP Ventral Hernia Repair Component Separation.mp4
Aug 31st – Devil’s in the Details Running a Practice.mp4
Aug 31st – ERAS Innovation Post-COVID.mp4
Aug 31st – GERD After Bariatric Surgery Who Gets It, When, and Why.mp4
Aug 31st – GERD Consensus Conference.mp4
Aug 31st – Great Debate Bariatrics – Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery What is the Best Option for Getting the Patient Back on Track.mp4
Aug 31st – Great Debate Pancreas – MIPR Robot vs Laparoscope – A Debate of the Technology.mp4
Aug 31st – High Risk Surgery and Centers of Excellence.mp4
Aug 31st – HPB Tips and Tricks for Disasters.mp4
Aug 31st – Pediatric Surgery for the Non-Pediatric Surgeon.mp4
Aug 31st – SAGES AAST EAST Masters Acute Care MIS Opportunities Within the Spectrum of Urgent and Emergent Patients.mp4
Aug 31st – SAGES AHPBA Masters Pancreas Eat When You Can, Sleep When You Can and Do Distal Pancreas MIS.mp4
Aug 31st – SAGES ELSA The Endoluminal Revolution in Colorectal Surgery.mp4
Aug 31st – SS01 Bariatric Foregut Video Session 1.mp4
Aug 31st – SS02 Colorectal Video Session.mp4
Aug 31st – SS06 Bariatric Session 1.mp4
Aug 31st – Updates in SAGES Education – FUSE, FES, FLS, Where are We Now and What is the Next Step.mp4
Aug 31st – What’s New in Colorectal Surgery – New Solutions for Ridiculously Old Problems.mp4
Sep 1st – Devil’s in the Details Foregut – Choosing the Right Procedure for the Right Patient Wraps vs Magnets vs Transoral.mp4
Sep 1st – Devil’s in the Details Liver – This is How You Divide the Liver.mp4
Sep 1st – Fellowship Council Session Fellowship Challenges in the Time of COVID – Interviews, Finances, Job Search.mp4
Sep 1st – Gerald Marks Lecture.mp4
Sep 1st – HPB Surgery for the Global Community.mp4
Sep 1st – Management of Reflux Pre- and Post-Bariatric Surgery.mp4
Sep 1st – Masters Bariatrics Bariatric Endoscopy – From Managing Complications to Therapeutic Interventions in 2021.mp4
Sep 1st – Masters Biliary Bile Duct Injury Prevention, Management, and Impact.mp4
Sep 1st – Masters Colorectal Right Colectomy for Malignancy.mp4
Sep 1st – Medical Legal Issues – The Dreaded Malpractice Lawsuit.mp4
Sep 1st – Next Big Thing (Formerly Emerging Technology).mp4
Sep 1st – Outcomes from Around the World.mp4
Sep 1st – Program of the Americas – Strategies to Maintain Safety in the Operating Room.mp4
Sep 1st – Reimagining Surgery Through AI and Deep Learning – from Video to Big Data.mp4
Sep 1st – SAGES ASCRS Colorectal Emergencies for the General Surgeon.mp4
Sep 1st – SAGES CAGS Educators Session Reimagining Skill Development and Assessment for the Surgical Trainee.mp4
Sep 1st – SAGES EAES Lessons Learned from the Pandemic.mp4
Sep 1st – SAGES ILLS KSELS Masters Liver – Making the Leap from MIS Wedge Resection to MIS Major Hepatectomy.mp4
Sep 1st – SAGES JSES ISFGS Update on Fluorescent Image Guided Surgery.mp4
Sep 1st – SS12 Education Acute Care Video Session.mp4
Sep 1st – SS18 Residents & Fellows Session.mp4
Sep 1st – SS22 Acute Care Session.mp4
Sep 1st – SS23 Education Simulation Session 2.mp4
Sep 1st – The Surgical Entrepreneur Innovation and Investment Strategies.mp4
Sep 2nd – Advocacy and Community Practice.mp4
Sep 2nd – Anastomosis in Colorectal Surgery.mp4
Sep 2nd – Great Debate Acute Care – Laparoscopy During the Next Pandemic.mp4
Sep 2nd – Great Debate Foregut – POEM Controversies.mp4
Sep 2nd – Great Debate Robotics – Why are We Performing Robotic Cholecystectomy.mp4
Sep 2nd – Karl Storz Lecture.mp4
Sep 2nd – Masters Hernia Inguinal Hernia through the Years, from Infants through Adolescence to Adulthood.mp4
Sep 2nd – Masters Leadership and Development Failing Forward into Leadership.mp4
Sep 2nd – Opportunities for Surgeons in Social Media – Improve Your Quality.mp4
Sep 2nd – Optimizing the Surgical Patient.mp4
Sep 2nd – Presidential Address – Horacio Asbun, MD.mp4
Sep 2nd – Presidential Plenary Reimagining the Practice of Surgery.mp4
Sep 2nd – SAGES AHS Mesh Past, Present, and Future.mp4
Sep 2nd – SAGES EAES Masters Flexible Endoscopy Endoscopic Options for Feeding Access, You Should Know.mp4
Sep 2nd – SAGES Stories Challenging Bariatric Problems You’re Glad Weren’t Yours to Solve.mp4
Sep 2nd – Shark Tank.mp4
Sep 2nd – SS24 Plenary 1.mp4
Sep 2nd – SS26 Foregut Session 1.mp4
Sep 2nd – SS28 Flexible Endoscopy Session.mp4
Sep 2nd – SS29 Education Simulation Session 3.mp4
Sep 2nd – SS33 Robotics Advanced Technologies Session 2.mp4
Sep 2nd – Which Procedure is Best Bariatric Nuts and Bolts in 2021.mp4
Sep 3rd – Biology Meets Technique to Operate or Not to Operate in Pancreatic Cancer.mp4
Sep 3rd – Devil’s in the Details Pancreas – Oops, I Did it Again Management and Mitigation of Post-Op Complications.mp4
Sep 3rd – Devil’s in the Details Tips and Tricks for Success in Challenging Colorectal Cases.mp4
Sep 3rd – GERD, Obesity, and Hiatal Hernias.mp4
Sep 3rd – Great Debate Same-Day Colectomy – Advancing ERAS Forward or Off a Cliff.mp4
Sep 3rd – Innovation in MIS Oncology Doing More With Less.mp4
Sep 3rd – Masters Robotics Robot Surgery for the General Surgeon.mp4
Sep 3rd – SAGES ASMBS Revisional Bariatric Surgery.mp4
Sep 3rd – SAGES SSAT Great Debate Liver – Meds, Knife or Fire for CRLM.mp4
Sep 3rd – SAGES STS Devil’s in the Details Controversies in Hiatal Hernia Repairs.mp4
Sep 3rd – SS34 Colorectal Quickshot Session 2.mp4
Sep 3rd – SS37 Hernia Session 2.mp4
Sep 3rd – SS38 Pancreas Session 2.mp4
Sep 3rd – SS39 Colorectal Session 2.mp4
Sep 3rd – Video Based Education and Coaching.mp4