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Sports Medicine for Primary Care 2019



Topics And Speakers:

Heat Illness in Athletes – Jessica Juntunen, MD

Sports Nutrition and Hydration – Jessica Juntunen, MD

Sports Dermatology and Sports Infections – Jessica Juntunen, MD

The Female Athlete – Emily B. Casey, MD

Lumbar and Sacroiliac Pain – Cherie Miner, MD

Tendon Injuries and Regenerative Medicine Treatments – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR

Sports Concussions – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR

Cervical Spine Injuries and Facial Injuries – Isaac Miller, MD

Non-operative Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee – José Ortega, MD

Environmental Sport Injuries – Isaac Miller, MD

Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries in Sports – Isaac Miller, MD

Pain Management in Athletes – Ricardo Colberg, MD, DABPMR

Pediatric Injuries in Sports Medicine – Isaac Miller, MD

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