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Sqadia Ophthalmology 2021 (Videos)

Medical Student Lectures

Format: 140 videos
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Sqadia Ophthalmology 2021 is an online video lecture series offered by Sqadia.com that covers a wide range of topics related to ophthalmology. The series is designed to provide medical students with a comprehensive understanding of ophthalmology and is presented by experienced ophthalmologists and medical educators.

The lectures cover various aspects of ophthalmology, including anatomy and physiology of the eye, common ophthalmic diseases, and their management. The lectures also cover diagnostic tools and techniques used in ophthalmology, including imaging, visual field testing, and electrophysiology.

One unique feature of the Sqadia Ophthalmology 2021 series is the use of real-life case studies to illustrate different aspects of ophthalmology. This allows students to see how different concepts are applied in clinical practice and helps them develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

Overall, Sqadia Ophthalmology 2021 provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for medical students interested in ophthalmology, making it a valuable tool for exam preparation and clinical practice.



– 2-Minute Ophthalmology_ Amblyopia
– 2-Minute Ophthalmology_ Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
– 2-Minute Ophthalmology_ Megalocornea
– Abnormalities of Corneal Transparency
– Acute Vision Loss
– Allergic Conjunctivitis
– Amblyopia
– Bacterial Conjunctivitis
– Cataract
– Cataract Association
– Central Retinal Artery Occlusion
– Chlamydial Conjunctivitis
– Cicatricial and Toxic Conjunctivitis
– Congenital Eyelid Defects
– Conjunctival Cysts and Tumors
– Corneal Degenerations
– Corneal Diseases
– Corneal Dystrophies
– Degenerative Eye Conditions
– Ectatic Condition of Cornea
– Eye Examination
– Eyelid Infections and Neoplasms
– Eyelid Malpositions
– Glaucoma
– Introduction to Ophthalmology
– Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
– Lacrimal Diseases
– Macular Degeneration
– Macular Disorders
– Neuro-Ophthalmology
– Non-Infectious Orbital Inflammations
– Non-Ulcerative Keratitis
– Ocular Trauma
– Ophthalmology Course Video Lectures
– Orbital Blow-Out Fractures
– Orbital Diseases
– Orbital Fractures
– Orbital Tumours
– Proptosis
– Red Eye
– Retina
– Retinal Degeneration
– Retinal Detachment
– Retinal Inflammation
– Retinal Vascular Diseases – I
– Retinal Vascular Diseases – II
– Retinoblastoma
– Strabismus
– Symptomatic Conditions of Conjunctiva
– Trophic and Peripheral Corneal Ulcer
– Uveal Tract Disorders
– Uveal Tract Tumors
– Viral and Granulomatous Conjunctivitis
– Viral Corneal Ulcer
– Visual Pathway