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Sqadia Pathology 2021 (Videos)


sqadia.com has breathed life into the concept of V-learning™, with our medical editing team and professional educators, ensuring each lecture is a jackpot of information, packaged to you in an engaging manner. Providing an experience, that is beyond the classroom with special focus on deepening the understanding of the clinical practice and medical examinations, in relation to real-life case studies, so students are able to truly learn and assimilate all concepts. Explore through our vast catalogue of over 1500+ video lectures, to learn a huge range of topics.

Bite-sized videos packed with everything you need to know in just 120 seconds….Hence the name “sqadia120”. How genius! So, if you are looking for just an overview, we got you covered!

Exam Tips
Looking for important questions your examiner might ask in your oral exam? Or just need notes to go through a single topic? Just watch our exam tips! They are short videos that accompany our full length lectures. They act as visual notes, which are focusing on just a single topic.

Crash Courses
The course will give the student an overview of the curriculum and content. Such courses are quite useful if you want a quick introduction to a very extensive subject.For students, this is particularly useful tool up to the exam.
– 2-Minute Pathology_ Asthma
– 2-Minute Pathology_ Atherosclerosis
– 2-Minute Pathology_ Bronchitis
– 2-Minute Pathology_ COPD
– 2-Minute Pathology_ Graves’ Disease
– 2-Minute Pathology_ Nephritic vs Nephrotic Syndrome
– Adrenal Cortex
– Aging
– Alveolar Diseases
– Amyloidosis
– Anemia
– Asthma (Animation)
– Atheroma Formation
– Atherosclerosis
– Autoimmune Heart Disease
– Bacterial Infections in Childhood
– Bacterial Pneumonia
– Bacterial Pneumonia (Animation)
– Breast Pathology
– Bronchi and Bronchioles Diseases
– Cardiac Myopathy
– Cardiac Tumors and Pericarditis
– Cellular Reactions to Injury
– Cellular Response to Stress
– Chlamydial and Rickettsial Infections
– Coagulopathies
– Congenital Heart Diseases
– Cystic Fibrosis
– Diabetes Mellitus Pathophysiology
– Diseases of Liver – I
– Diseases of Liver – II
– Diseases of Oral Cavity
– Diseases of Pancreas
– Diseases of Pleura
– Enteropathogenic Bacteria
– Environmental Pathology
– Esophageal Disorders
– Fungal Infections
– Fungal Infections of Lungs
– Helminthic Infections – I
– Helminthic Infections – II
– Hemodynamic Disorders
– Hemodynamic Dysfunction
– Hemoglobinopathies
– Hemolytic Anemia
– Hemorrhage
– Hemorrhagic Disorders
– Hemostatic Disorders
– Hyperadrenalism
– Hypertensive Heart Disease
– Hyperthyroidism
– Hypothyroidism
– Immunopathology
– Infectious Mononucleosis
– Inflammation
– Interstitial Lung Diseases
– Ischemic Heart Diseases
– Lower Urinary Tract Disorders
– Lymphatic Filariasis (Animation)
– Male Reproductive System Diseases
– Musculoskeletal System
– Myocardial Hypertrophy and Heart Failure
– Necrosis vs Apoptosis
– Neoplasia
– Nephritic and Nephrotic Syndrome
– Nervous System Pathology
– Nutritional Disorders
– Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
– Parathyroid Gland Disorders
– Pathogenesis of Cancer – I
– Pathogenesis of Cancer – II
– Pathology of Diabetes Mellitus
– Pathology of Myocardial Infarction
– Pathology of Myocarditis
– Pathology of Neoplasia
– Pathology of Placenta
– Pathology of Pregnancy
– Platelet Disorders
– Pneumoconioses
– Pneumonia
– Prostate Diseases
– Pulmonary Neoplasms
– Pyogenic Infections
– Repair, Regeneration and Fibrosis
– Schistosomiasis
– Sepsis
– Silicosis
– Spirochetal Infections
– Stomach Diseases and Congenital Anomalies of GIT
– Systemic Autoimmune Diseases
– Testicular Diseases
– Thalassemia
– Thyroid Gland
– Thyroiditis
– Tuberculosis (Animation)
– Tumourigenesis
– Valvular and Endocardial Diseases
– Vascular Disorders of Placenta
– Vascular System
– Vasculitis and Granulomatosis
– Viral Diseases
– Viral Infections