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SurgicalMaster Implant Restorations Simplified, Restore Dental Implants with Accuracy & Confidence


Finally provide the smile-saving service your patients need,
from fixing loose implant crowns to full implant reconstruction.

This is the only course available that teaches BOTH the surgery and esthetic design elements of restoration from start to finish.

This program is for you if you’ve struggled with these issues:

Difficulty with case planning and determining the best approach, along with concerns about managing the 7 common complications of restorations.
Challenges with implant placement, including issues with implant stability and surgical techniques.
Problems with managing soft tissue around the implant, which can impact the predictability and the final esthetics of the implant crown.
Wondering how and when to use pink porcelain, and how to design teeth esthetically.

Trouble choosing the right materials for the restoration and using the correct techniques to achieve optimal results.
Difficulty with communication and collaboration with surgeons, dental labs, and other specialists.
Wondering how and when to use pink porcelain, and how to design teeth esthetically.
Challenges with occlusion and the management of occlusal forces, which can impact the stability and longevity of the implant restoration.

Module 1 Foundations for Restoring Dental Implants

Chapter 1: Rules

The Biomimetic GPS
The 10 Rules of Implant Placement
The Rules of Hard & Soft Tissue Healing
The Rules of Subgingival Abutment Contours
The Rules of Tissue Quality and Quantity

Chapter 2: Tools

Implant Components & Mechanics
Pink Porcelain

Chapter 3: Mindset of the ‘Hot Shot’ Cosmetic Dentist

Module 2 Restoring the Posterior Implant

The Overview: From Extraction to Restoration – Posterior Edition
Building Posterior Tissue Quality and Quantity with the FGG
Building Posterior Tissue Quality and Quantity with the Lingual Crestal Incision
Occlusion Design for Posterior Implant Restorations
Keys to Lab Communication Part 1: Abutment Design
Keys to Lab Communication Part 2: Shade & Characterization

Module 3 Restoring the Anterior Implant

From Extraction to Restoration – Anterior Edition
Healing Abutment Design For Natural Esthetics
Test Driving the Case with a PMMA
Building Tissue in the Anterior Region
The uncovering ‘Faux Pas’ that will cost you your papilla and how to avoid it
Occlusion Design for Anterior Implant Restorations
Lab Communication Part 1: The Riman Technique for Lab Communication & Calibration
Lab Communication Part 2: Dr. Riman’s 10+ Keys Lab Communication Protocol
Troubleshooting the Opaque Anterior Crown

Module 4 Restoring Malpositioned Implants

The 3 Most Common Categories of Malpositioned Implants & How to Manage Risk When Restoring them
Restoring the Facially Positioned Implant
Restoring the Deep Implant
Restoring the Shallow Implant

Module 5  Full Arch Implant Restorations

The 3 Most Common Types of Full Arch Implant Restorations
Step by Step Full Arch Multi Unit Abutment Restorations
Step by Step Implant Level Zirconia Framework Full Arch Restorations
Step by Step Implant Overdentures Full Arch Restorations 

Module 6 Managing the 7 Most Common Implant Complications

The Contacts that Open 
The Angry Gums 
The Crowns that Break
The Implants that Break
The Screws that Strip
The Ankylosed Implant
The Loose Crown

Presented By: Dr. Rashad Riman

50 Videos – Files size: 22.63 GB