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The 8th Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Meeting 2020 (Videos)

44 videos
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Sessions included:

BD01 – DMTs prevent-slow down cognitive impairment in MS
BD02 – DMTs should be trialed in individuals with PPMS and SPMS with or without recent disease activity
BD03 – Microglia are protective in MS
CS01 – European Charcot Foundation Symposium; How to enhance remyelination in MS
FC01 – Free Communication 1
FC02 – Free Communication 2
FC03 – Free Communication 3
FC04 – Free Communication 4
HT01 – Hot Topic 1- Strategies to promote remyelination
HT02 – Hot Topic 2- Aging and MS
HT03 – Hot Topic 3- Developments in pediatric MS
HT04 – Hot Topic 4- Grey matter pathology
HT05 – Hot Topic 5- Lymphoid follicles and meningeal involvement in MS
HT06 – Hot Topic 6- Global perspectives on NMOSD
HT07 – Hot Topic 7- MOG mediated disease
LB01 – Late Breaking News
MTE01 – CNS in disorders in children
MTE02 – Neuro-ophthalmology of MS
MTE03 – B-cell-directed therapy in MS
MTE04 – Choosing the right MS disease therapy for individual patients
MTE05 – Immune disorders of the CNS other than MS
NS01 – Nurses’ Session 1- Advanced nursing activities
NS02 – Nurses’ Session 2- Unique contributions of MS nursing
PL01 – Plenary Session 1- Welcome and Paty Lecture
PL02 – Plenary Session 2- ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Lecture and Closing
PS01 – Strategies for disease modification
PS02 – Innate immunity in MS pathology and repair
PS03 – Biomarkers
PS04 – Impact of the environment and lifestyle and MS risk and clinical course
PS05 – Pharmacological management of progressive MS
PS06 – Lymphocyte subsets in MS
PS07 – Radiological advances I (NAIMS-MAGNIMS)
PS08 – Epigenetics and genetic factors
PS09 – Personalized approaches to MS
PS10 – Gut-CNS axis and the microbiome in MS
PS11 – Radiological advances II
PS12 – Sex-related factors in pathogenesis and management
PS13 – Innovations in symptomatic and rehabilitative therapy
PS14 – The impact of MS on neurons and glia
PS15 – Visual outcome measures in MS (IMSVISUAL)
PS16 – Machine learning approaches
SS02 – Special Session- COVID-19
YI01 – Young Investigators 1
YI02 – Young Investigators 2

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