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The American Academy of Neurology course On Demand 2019

Details : 1145 Video Files + 1163 Sound Files + 991 PDF Files
Size : 231 Gb
500 hours
Date Of Release
May 5, 2019. This program is eligible for CME credits until March 31, 2021.



Topics And Speakers:
Aging, Dementia, Cognitive, and Behavioral Neurology
C1: What Do I Do Now?: Assessment and Management of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Neurocognitive Disorders
C13: Clinicopathological Correlation Session in Dementia
C32: The Neurology of Social Behavior
C37: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Update
C60: Assessment of Rapidly Progressive Dementias I: Prion and Non-prion Neurodegenerative Diseases
C76: Assessment of Rapidly Progressive Dementias II: Infections and Autoimmune Mediated Conditions
C78: Young Onset and Atypical Alzheimer’s Dementia
C88: Mild Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Clinicians
C106: Cognitive Impairment Due to Alzheimer’s Disease: Using Old Skills and New Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment
C122: Neurocognitive Assessment for Neurologists
C132: Frontotemporal Dementias
C151: Lewy Body Dementias
C166: Neuroimaging Biomarkers Across the Dementia Spectrum
C176: Behavioral Neurology I: Network Anatomy of Behavior and Language
C193: Behavioral Neurology II: Memory and Attention
C206: Vascular Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: Current Status and Future
C242: Case Studies: Dementia
C252: Update in Aging and Dementia
C255: Education Blitz: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
S9: Aging and Dementia: Clinical Trials and Novel Therapies
S13: Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology: Behavioral Neurology, Aging, and Dementia
S34: Aging and Dementia: Risk Factors, Biomarkers and Neuropathology
Autoimmune Neurology
C7: Clinical Pearls in Autoimmune Neurology: Real World Cases
C142: Autoimmune Neurology I Basics and Beyond: Autoimmune Encephalitis and Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes of the CNS and PNS
C226: Neuro-rheumatology: Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease I
C236: Neuro-rheumatology: Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disease II
C257: Education Blitz: Evolution of Autoimmune Neurology
N6: Neuroscience in the Clinic: The Brain Across the Menstrual Cycle
S11: Autoimmune CNS Inflammatory Disorders: Clinical Advances
S21: Autoimmune Neurology: Novel Diagnostic and Predictive Biomarkers and Immunopathologic Mechanisms of Disease
S43: Immunotherapies and Drug Trials in Autoimmune Neurological Disorders
Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology
C16: Cerebrovascular Disease I: Prevention
C27: Cerebrovascular Disease II: Update on Guidance-Based Diagnosis and Management of Hemorrhagic Stroke
C50: Cerebrovascular Disease III: Update on Neuroimaging Modalities and Endovascular Therapies for Acute Ischemic Stroke
C68: Cerebrovascular Disease IV: Telestroke
C82: Stroke in Young Adults and Women
C124: Endovascular Treatment of Acute Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
C135: Case Studies: Challenging Acute Ischemic Stroke Cases
C164: Update on Medical Management of Stroke
C165: Current Management of Incidental and Asymptomatic Cerebrovascular Lesions
C245: Controversies in Stroke Treatment and Prevention
S15: Intracerebral Hemorrhage and SAH
S22: Stroke Genetics, Cellular Responses, and Animal Models
S35: Stroke Prevention Strategies
S40: Stroke Risk Factors and Epidemiology
S47: Stroke Outcomes and Recurrence
S52: Acute Non-Interventional Stroke Care
S57: Acute Treatment and Imaging of Ischemic Stroke
Child Neurology and Developmental Neurology
C14: Child Neurology: Headache
C40: Child Neurology: Stroke
C92: Autism Spectrum Disorders What We Know and Where We Are Going
C123: Child Neurology: Genetic and Metabolic Testing in Pediatric Epilepsy
C161: Child Neurology: Metabolic
C171: Child Neurology: Neuromuscular/Autoimmune Neurology
C214: Child Neurology: A Case-based Approach
C254: Education Blitz: Child Neurology: Concussion
S19: Child Neurology: Updates in Autism, Migraine, MS and Stroke
S25: Child Neurology: Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Treatments and Outcomes
S51: Child Neurology: Bench to Bedside: Progress in Treating Genetic Disorders
Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG)
C3: Clinical EEG: Normal EEG, Normal Variants, and How to Avoid The Common Pitfall of Over-reading
C15: Clinical EEG: Focal, Diffuse, and Epileptiform Abnormalities in Adults
C26: Clinical EEG: Neonatal and Pediatric
C45: Status Epilepticus
C80: Epileptologists’ Secrets for the Busy General Neurologist: Localization, Imaging, and Fear of Surgery
C90: Clinical Epilepsy I: Basics
C108: Clinical Epilepsy II: Considerations Across the Age Span: Pediatrics, Pregnancy, and Elderly
C133: Clinical Epilepsy III: Advanced (Status, Beyond AED, Video EEG)
C152: Clinical Epilepsy IV: Surgery
C170: Video EEG: Name That Spell
C218: Critical Care EEG Monitoring
C232: Women With Epilepsy (WWE): Beyond Seizure Control
C244: Acute and Chronic Clinical Epilepsy Update Explained in 6 Cases
C250: Update in Epilepsy
N5: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Wearable Technology
S3: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) I
S36: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) II
S48: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) III
General Neurology
C8: Cognitive Psychology of Neurologic Errors: Why Do Neurologists Make Errors?
C20: Neurologic Complications of Medical Disease
C30: Neurologic Complications of Medical and Surgical Therapies
C31: Mitochondrial Disorders in Neurology
C33: Teleneurología (Teleneurology)
C49: Neurology Update I: Multiple Sclerosis, Sleep, and Neuromuscular Disease
C52: Introduction to Integrative Neurology
C57: Drugs and Toxin-induced Neurologic Emergencies
C67: Neurology Update II: Behavioral Neurology, Movement Disorders, and Neuro-ophthalmology
C74: CNS Toxicities
C91: Neurology Update III: Headache, Neuro-otology, and Epilepsy
C97: Neuroendocrine Update: Nuts and Bolts of What You Need to Know
C109: Neurology Update IV: Stroke, Neuro-infectious Disease, and Autoimmune Encephalopathies
C115: Emerging Approaches to Biosensing for the Diagnosis and Management of Neurological Disease
C116: LGBTQI Health in Neurology
C134: Continuum® Test Your Knowledge: A Multiple-choice Question Review I
C136: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist I: Brain
C144: Actualización científica I (Scientific Update I – Spanish)
C149: Clinical Neurology for Advanced Practice Providers
C153: Continuum® Test Your Knowledge: A Multiple-choice Question Review II
C154: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist II: Brain
C160: Autoimmune Neurology II Advanced: Autoimmune Encephalitis at the Frontiers of Neuroscience
C163: Creating a Roadmap for a Diverse Workforce in Academic Neurology
C172: Advances in Neurogenetics
C178: Therapy in Neurology I: Neurological Infectious Diseases and Neuro-oncology
C182: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist: Spine
C195: Therapy in Neurology II: Neurocritical Care and Neuromuscular Disease
C199: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist: Peripheral Nerve
C200: Neurologic Case Studies in Pregnancy
C212: Principles of Genomic Medicine: Clinical Exome Sequencing in Neurologic Disease
C219: Therapy in Neurology III: Epilepsy and Headache
C221: Functional Neurologic Disorders I: Movement, Seizures, and Multiple Sclerosis
C222: Good Neurology in Challenging Conditions: Lessons from Military Neurology
C223: United We Stand: Enhancing Your Practice with APPs
C225: Actualización científica II (Scientific Update II)
C227: Genomic Neurology: Developing Practical Knowledge of Tools and Concepts Through Case Studies
C230: Disparities in Care
C233: Therapy in Neurology IV: Movement Disorders and Stroke
C235: Functional Neurologic Disorders II: Life Experiences and Management of Functional Disorders
C239: Case Studies: Test Your Knowledge: A Case-based Approach to Neuroimaging
C249: Clinical Pearls: Learning from Complex Cases Simple Lessons that Apply to Everyday Problems
S1: Neuroepidemiology
S27: General Neurology: Improving Neurologic Care and The Impact of Neurotherapeutics
S32: General Neurology: Advances in Neurology: From the Clinic to the Bench
PL1: Hot Topics Plenary Session
PL2: Presidential Plenary Session
PL3: Contemporary Clinical Issues Plenary Session
PL4: Clinical Trials Plenary Session
PL5: Frontiers in Neuroscience Plenary Session
PL6: Controversies in Neurology Plenary Session
PL7: Neurology Year in Review Plenary Session
Global Health
C114: The Global Burden of Neurologic Diseases
S7: Global Health

C46: Actualización en dolor de cabeza y trastornos neuromusculares (Update: Headache and Neuromuscular Disorder)
C53: Introduction to Primary Headache Disorders: Migraine and Other Primary Headaches Including Tension-Type, Hypnic, Primary Stabbing and Nummular Headache Syndromes, Epicrania Fugax and Retinal Migraine
C70: Introduction to Primary Headache Disorders: Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias and Other Primary Headaches Including New Daily Persistent Headache, Cough, Exercise, and Thunderclap Headaches
C138: Hot Topics in Headaches and Related Disorders I: Unusual Headaches, Childhood Headaches, and Concussion Management
C156: Hot Topics in Headaches and Related Disorders II: Migraine Pathophysiology, Brain Imaging, and Therapeutic Advances
C187: Comprehensive Migraine Update I: Migraine Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and Comorbidities
C203: Comprehensive Migraine Update II: Pharmacologic and Non-Pharmacologic Therapies
C210: Low and High Pressure Headache: Clinical Presentation and Approach to Evaluation and Management
C241: Case Studies: Challenging Headache Cases
C247: What Do I Do Now?: Emergency and Inpatient Management of Migraine and Other Headache Disorders
S17: Headache: Clinical Trials I
S20: Headache Imaging and Physiology and Episodic Syndromes Associated with Migraine
S38: Headache: Clinical Trials II
S59: Migraine: Impact, Treatment Patterns and Resource Utilization

Infectious Disease
C21: Tick-based Infections
C38: Infections of the Nervous System I: Diagnostic Testing of Neurological Infections
C48: Infections of the Nervous System II: Neuro-ID Emergencies
C66: Infections of the Nervous System III: Advanced Topics in Infectious Neurology
C79: Differential Diagnosis of Neurologic Infections
C89: Tuberculosis of the Central Nervous System
C256: Education Blitz: Emerging Infectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System
S29: NeuroHIV: Pathophysiology and Clinical Phenotypes
S45: Neuroinfectious Disease: Treatments, Diagnostics, and Outcomes

Movement Disorders
C6: Therapy of Movement Disorders: A Case-based Approach
C18: Cerebellar and Afferent Ataxias: Diagnosis and Management
C34: Evaluating Tremor in the Office
C42: The Dystonias: Diagnosis, Treatment and Update on Etiologies
C51: Balance and Gait Disorders
C83: Diagnosis and Treatment of Functional Movement Disorders
C93: Paroxysmal Movement Disorders
C117: Tourette Syndrome: Assessment and Management
C127: Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders: Videodiagnosis and Treatment
C137: Deep Brain Stimulation I: Basic Principles and Programming in Movement Disorders
C155: Deep Brain Stimulation II: Advanced Management in Movement Disorders and Applications Beyond Movement Disorders
C168: Parkinson’s Disease Update
C179: Nonmotor Manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease I
C185: Actualización en trastornos del movimiento (Update in Movement Disorders)
C196: Nonmotor Manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease II
C209: Movement Disorders for the General Neurologist I: New Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Parkinson’s Disease
C220: Movement Disorders for the General Neurologist II: Tremor, Drug-induced Movement Disorders, RLS, and Ataxia
C234: Movement Disorders for the General Neurologist III: Chorea, Dystonia, Myoclonus, Stereotypies, and Tics
C246: Hot Topics and Controversies in Parkinson’s Disease
C253: Update in Movement Disorders
N1: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Child Neurology: Movement Disorders: Transition from Child to Adult
N3: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Stem Cells
S4: Clinical Trials in Movement Disorders
S10: Biomarkers in Movement Disorders
S16: Huntington’s Disease: From Bench to Clinical Trials
S41: Imaging in Movement Disorders
S53: Movement Disorders: Genetics and Clinical Features
MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease
C19: Multiple Sclerosis Overview I: Clinical Pearls
C29: Multiple Sclerosis Overview II: Clinical Advances
C44: Multiple Sclerosis Therapy: Symptom Management
C56: Multiple Sclerosis Therapy: Disease-modifying Treatment I
C86: Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders
C100: Esclerosis Múltiple y Otras Enfermedades Inflamatorias Desmielinizantes y Autoinmunes del Sistema Nervioso Central (MS and Other Demyelinating Inflammatory and Autoimmune Central Nervous System Disorders)
C130: Diagnostic Pearls in Myelitis: a Case-based Approach
C258: Education Blitz: Multiple Sclerosis
N4: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Immunotherapies in Neurological Disease
S6: MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease: Clinical Considerations I
S12: Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
S26: MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease: Clinical Considerations II
S31: MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease: Imaging
S37: MS Biomarkers
S49: MS Epidemiology and Risk Stratification
S55: MS Basic Science
S56: MS Trials and Treatment

Neuro Trauma, Critical Care, and Sports Neurology
C59: Cuidados Neurocríticos (Neurocritical Care)
C95: Concussion: Topics in Acute Concussion
C113: Concussion: Chronic Symptoms — Selected Considerations for Why Your Patient May Not be Getting Better
C119: Actualización en lesión cerebral traumática e ictus isquémico (Update: TBI and Stroke)
C129: Critical Care Consultations for Neurohospitalists
C140: Sports Neurology: Enhancing Athletic Performance
C158: Sports Concussion: Event Coverage Foundational Skills and Sport Specific Pearls
C169: Neurological Intensive Care I: The Essentials
C180: Neurological Intensive Care II: Acute Brain and Spinal Cord Injury and Acute Neuromuscular Dysfunction
C197: Neurological Intensive Care III: Vascular Diseases
C207: Emergency Neurology: Evaluation of Coma, Meningitis, and Viral Encephalitis in the Emergency Room
C238: Case Studies in the ICU
S2: Neurocritical Care

Neuromuscular and Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG)
C12: Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease I: Role of Antibodies, Muscle Imaging, and Genetic Testing
C25: Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease II: Inflammatory Myopathies and Muscle Pathology
C36: Mastering EMG Waveform Recognition Skills in Just Two Hours!
C47: Evaluation and Management of Autonomic Disorders I: Autonomic Testing, Failure, and Peripheral Neuropathies
C65: Evaluation and Management of Autonomic Disorders II: Diagnostic Approach and Treatments for Dysautonomia
C101: Clinical EMG I: Principles and Practice of NCS and Needle EMG
C120: Clinical EMG II: Case-based Clinical Applications of Nerve Conduction Studies and Needle Electromyography
C121: Clinical EMG III: Nerve Conduction Criteria and Electrodiagnostic Approaches
C131: Small Fiber Neuropathies: Sensory, Autonomic, and Both I: Focus on Autonomic Nervous System
C150: Small Fiber Neuropathies: Sensory, Autonomic, and Both II: Focus on Sensory Nervous System
C175: Neuromuscular Junction Disorders I: Myasthenia Gravis, Ocular, and MuSK Myasthenia
C192: Neuromuscular Junction Disorders II: Toxins, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome and Less Common Disorders of Neuromuscular Transmission
C215: Peripheral Neuropathy II: Update on Diabetic, Immune Axonal, and Hematologic-related Neuropathies
C229: Peripheral Neuropathy III: Genetic Neuropathies: Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment Perspectives
C237: Case Studies: Diagnosis and Management of Unusual Cases in Neuromuscular Disease
C243: Therapy of Neuromuscular Disease: ALS, Inflammatory Neuropathies and Myopathies, and Myasthenia Gravis
N2: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Interpretations of Genetic Results
S5: Therapeutics in ALS and SMA
S18: Autonomic Disorders
S23: Genetic Muscle Disorders
S42: Neuromuscular Disorders
S54: Motor Neuron Disease
S58: Therapeutics in Neuromuscular Disorders

C5: What Do I Do Now?: Neurologic Consultations in Cancer Patients I
C17: What Do I Do Now?: Neurologic Consultations in Cancer Patients II
C41: Neuro-oncology in 2019: Navigating Current Trends
C69: The Palliative Care Guide in Neurology: Best Practice in Communication, Advance Care Planning, and End-of-life Care of Patients with Brain Tumors and Other Life-limiting Neurological Disorders
C81: Core Principles of Brain Tumors
C110: Adult and Pediatric Neuro-Oncology for the Neurohospitalist
S14: Translational and Clinical Advances in Neuro-oncology
S30: Brain Cancer: From Epidemiology to Quality of Life
C4: Pediatric Neuro-ophthalmology Update
C54: Neuro-otology: The Common Peripheral Vestibular Disorders
C71: Neuro-otology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Nuanced Causes of Dizziness
C107: Emergency Room Neuro-ophthalmology
C139: Eye Movement Disorders: A Systematic Approach to the Evaluation of Diplopia
C174: Neuro-ophthalmology I: Visual Loss, Optic Neuropathies, and Papilledema
C188: Neuro-ophthalmology II: Optic Neuritis, Visual Fields, and Anisocoria
C204: Neuro-ophthalmology III: Diplopia, Ocular Motility Disorders, and Nystagmus
C211: Nystagmus and Saccadic Intrusions Made Simple
C216: Higher Cortical Visual Disorders: Case-based Review
C251: Neuro-ophthalmology: Overview and Update
S28: Neuro-Ophthalmology/Neuro-Otology

C85: Severe TBI: From ICU to Rehabilitation
C96: Everything You Need to Know to Practice Neuro-rehabilitation
C112: Myelopathies: Recognizing and Evaluating Myelopathic Patients for Inflammatory and Vascular Causes
C128: Neck Pain, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Cervical Radiculopathy, and Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
C141: Rehabilitation in Neurology
C157: Evaluation and Treatment of Common Spine Disorders
S33: Neuro-rehabilitation: Brain and Neuromuscular Recovery

Pain and Palliative Care
C77: Addiction
C167: Lumbar Radiculopathy, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Low Back Pain, and Failed Back Syndrome
C177: Maximizing Quality of Life in Stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia: A Palliative Approach
C217: Core Concepts in Pain Management: Refractory Neuropathic Pain Practical Pharmacologics, Advances in Neuromodulation, and a Balanced Look at Cannabinoids
C231: Safe and Appropriate Opioid Prescribing in Neurology
Practice, Policy, and Ethics
C43: Residents in Private Practice
C58: Business Strategies for Payer Negotiations and/or How to Go off the Grid
C75: How to Run a Practice: Business Strategies for Neurology Private Practices and the Future
C99: Starting a Practice From the Ground Up: A Guide for Early Career Neurologists
C118: How to Understand and Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Clinical Practice
C162: Coding 101: E&M, Basic Procedures, Non Face-to-Face, and New Codes
C184: Business Efficiencies for Academic Neurology Departments: Business Strategies for Success
C201: Academic Neurology Departments 2020 and Beyond: Succeeding in the Tripartite Mission
C208: Contemporary Concerns About Brain Death Determination
C224: Burnout and Resilience: Strategies and Evidence for Enhancing Wellbeing
C265: Using the Neurology Compensation and Productivity Survey in the Academic Setting
S50: Practice, Policy and Ethics
Research Methodology, Education, and History
C9: Clerkship and Program Directors Conference: Let’s Build an Educational Scholarly Product
C22: Resident Basic Science I: Neuropathology
C39: How to Design Meaningful Clinical Trials
C63: Resident Basic Science II: Neuropharmacology
C98: Faculty Development: Enhancing Your Role in Student and Resident Training
C103: Resident Basic Science III: Neuroanatomy: All the Lesions
C104: Research Career Symposium
C143: Education Research Methodology Course
C159: Mid-Level Faculty Career Development Course
C183: Reading, Critiquing, and Reviewing the Neurologic Literature: An Evidence-based Approach and Case-based Presentation of Peer Reviews in Neurology
C186: Women Founders of Neurology and Neuroscience I
C202: Women Founders of Neurology and Neuroscience II
C262: Choosing, Training, Forging, and Mentoring Chief Residents: Program Coordinator Role
C263: Access: Strategies to Improve Access in Academic Medicine
S39: Education Research and Research Methodology
S44: History of Neurology
C2: Using Sleep Medicine to Help Solve Difficult Neurologic Cases
C28: Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Neurology Populations: From Lab to Clinic
C55: Sleep for the Practicing Neurologist: Is it Narcolepsy or Something Else? Diagnostic and Management Challenges in the Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence
C72: Disordered Sleep in Common Neurologic Diseases: Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease
C84: Approaching the Management of Common Sleep Disorders: Case-based Review for the Non-sleep Specialist
C111: Sleep for Resiliency, Recovery and Performance
C125: Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Implications for Neurology
C198: Integrating Sleep Medicine Concepts into Your Child Neurology Practice
C259: Education Blitz: Sleep
S46: Sleep Science and Therapy Updates

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