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The Audio Digest Psychiatry Board Review, 2020


Psychiatry CME/CE
Few issues in medicine are as relevant today as mental health, so psychiatrists are front and center in the discussions that are as prominent on the nightly news as they are in professional journals. Our Psychiatry CME online library contains the latest of topics of interest to the practicing psychiatrist, including the latest updates on antipsychotic drugs, use of other treatments such as ECT or TMS, working with dually diagnosed patients, and thorny ethical issues such as physician-assisted suicide. Whatever your interests or focus, we’ve got you covered.

A Model Of Trauma-Informed Care – Audio Digest.mp3
A Review Of Screening And Assessment Tools For Substance Use Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
An Overview Of Correctional Psychiatry – Audio Digest.mp3
An Overview Of Fibromyalgia – Audio Digest.mp3
An Overview Of Sexual Dysfunction – Audio Digest.mp3
An Update On Group Psychotherapy – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Antipsychotic Agents In Pediatric Patients – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Antipsychotic Agents In Pediatric Patients – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Assessment For Civil Competence – Audio Digest.mp3
Attention-Deficit_Hyperactivty Disorder Across The Lifespan – Audio Digest.mp3
Atypical Neurodegenerative Syndromes – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Behavioral Symptoms Associated With Neurodegenerative Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
Botulinum Toxin For The Treatment Of Depression – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Brexanolone In The Management Of Postpartum Depression – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Burnout Among Psychiatrists – Audio Digest.mp3
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Challenging Patients – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Cognitive Issues In Affective Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
Complementary And Integrative Medicine For Autism Spectrum Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Compulsive Shopping, Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, And Internet Addiction – Audio Digest.mp3
Dangerous Psychiatric Disorders And Medical Mimics – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Dangers Of Chronic Dextromethorphan Abuse – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Dementia At The End Of Life – Audio Digest.mp3
Diagnosis And Management Of Postpartum Depression – Audio Digest.mp3
Emergency Management Of Suicidal Ideation And Severe Depression With Ketamine And Esketamine – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Emergency Psychiatry Simulations In Postgraduate Medical Education – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Ethical Issues In Forensic Psychiatry – Audio Digest.mp3
Evaluation And Diagnosis Of Dementia – Audio Digest.mp3
Fitness For Duty Evaluations – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Gambling Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Gun Violence And Mass Murderers – Audio Digest.mp3
History And Principles Of The Insanity Defense – Audio Digest.mp3
Improving Mental Health Outcomes In The Transgender Population – Audio Digest.mp3
Innovations In Emergency Psychiatric Care – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Ketamine In The Treatment Of Severe Refractory Depression – Audio Digest.mp3
Legal Issues In Clinical Practice – Audio Digest.mp3
Legal Principles Behind Civil Commitment Legislation – Audio Digest.mp3
Management Of Borderline Personality Disorder With Comorbid Depression – Audio Digest.mp3
Management Of Depression And Common Comorbidities – Audio Digest.mp3
Management Of Impulsivity And Aggression – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Management Of Impulsivity And Aggression – Audio Digest_3.mp3
Management Of Medication Nonadherence – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Management Of Severe Enduring Eating Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
Managing Sexual Side Effects Of Psychotropic Medication – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Marijuana Use In Children And Adolescents – Audio Digest.mp3
Mass Shootings And Mental Illness – Audio Digest.mp3
Medical Complications Of Eating Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
Medical Malpractice Laws – Audio Digest.mp3
Medical Management Of ADHD – Audio Digest.mp3
Medical Management Of Opioid Use Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Medicolegal Rules- How They Fail The Suicidal Patient – Audio Digest.mp3
Neurobiology Of ADHD – Audio Digest.mp3
Neurobiology Of Food And Addiction – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Neuropsychiatric Aspects Of Common Sleep Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
Neuropsychiatric Aspects Of Insomnia – Audio Digest.mp3
Neuropsychiatric Aspects Of Sports Concussions – Audio Digest.mp3
Neuropsychiatric Aspects Of Traumatic Brain Injury – Audio Digest.mp3
Nonpharmacologic Interventions For Dementia-Related Behaviors In A Home Setting – Audio Digest.mp3
Overview Of Frontotemporal Dementia – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Pain, The Brain, And Neurostimulation – Audio Digest.mp3
Pharmacogenomics For The Psychiatrist (Lecture Not Eligible For CME_CE) – Audio Digest.mp3
Pharmacologic Management Of Autism Spectrum Disorder – Audio Digest_2.mp3

Pharmacologic Management Of Bipolar Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Pharmacotherapy For ADHD – Audio Digest.mp3
Physician Burnout And Suicide – Audio Digest.mp3
Pimavanserin In The Management Of Parkinson Disease Psychosis – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Pregnant Women And Opioid Use Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Psychedelic Therapy For Depression, Anxiety, And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Psychiatric Aspects Of Epilepsy – Audio Digest.mp3
Psychiatric Aspects Of Parkinson Disease – Audio Digest.mp3
Psychiatry In Models Of Integrated Care – Audio Digest.mp3
Psychopharmacologic Management Of Eating Disorders – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Psychopharmacology Of Bipolar Disorder Management – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Psychosis In Neurodegenerative Disorders – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Psychostimulants For Treating Neuropsychiatric Symptoms In The Elderly – Audio Digest.mp3
Psychotropic Medications- Adverse Effects On Sleep – Audio Digest.mp3
Reconsideration Of The Duty To Warn – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Rediscovering Clozapine – Audio Digest.mp3
Sexual Harassment And Forensic Psychiatry – Audio Digest.mp3
Some Common Myths In Psychiatry – Audio Digest.mp3
Suicide Risk Assessment From A Risk Management Perspective – Audio Digest.mp3
Support Teams For Psychiatric Emergencies – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Tailoring Treatment To Patients With Bipolar Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
The Anxious And Depressed Child – Audio Digest.mp3
The Initial Psychiatric Interview In The Emergency Setting – Audio Digest.mp3
The Intersection Of ADHD And Substance Abuse – Audio Digest.mp3
The Link Between ADHD, Conduct Disorder, And Delinquency – Audio Digest.mp3
The Neuropsychiatry Of Depression – Audio Digest.mp3
The Role Of The Psychiatrist In Long-Term Care – Audio Digest.mp3
Tips For Effective Documentation – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Trauma-Informed Care In The Management Of Ptsd – Audio Digest.mp3
Treating Bipolar Disorder In Children And Adolescents – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Update On Autism Spectrum Disorders – Audio Digest.mp3
Update On Bipolar Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Update On Borderline Personality Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Update On Cocaine And Methamphetamine Use Disorder – Audio Digest.mp3
Update On Mental Health Parity Laws – Audio Digest.mp3
Update On Suicide Risk Assessment And Prevention – Audio Digest.mp3
Update On The Pharmacologic Management Of Schizophrenia – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Use Of Ketamine And Esketamine In The Management Of Treatment-Resistant Depression – Audio Digest_2.mp3
Use Of Stimulants In Psychiatry – Audio Digest.mp3
What Psychiatrists Should Know About Malpractice Law – Audio Digest_2.mp3
When A Patient Commits Suicide – Audio Digest.mp3