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The Baard Institute Overlay, Onlay, & Advanced Adhesion


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The BAARD Overlay, Onlay, & Immediate Dentin Sealing Course provides comprehensive On-Demand training in Biomimetic & Advanced Adhesive Restorative Design. This course will train students in the science & fundamentals of Biomimetics & Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry with the focus on indirects. The main goal of the institute is for students to receive the necessary training to implement Biomimetic & Advanced Adhesive techniques into their practice immediately. To accomplish that goal, not only is the content delivered in lecture format, but also copious in-depth demo videos to simulate a hands-on workshop experience virtually. Current topics include partial coverage ceramics such as Biomimetic, Biomechanic, & Tooth Structure Fundamentals, Crack Diagnosis & Treatment, Ceramic Design & Preparation, Overlay & Onlay Prep Protocol, Immediate Dentin Sealing, Temporary Fabrication & Delivery of Final Restoration, Rubber Dam Isolation, Post-Operative Sensitivity & Pulp Health, Demos, Cases, & Guest Lecture Dr. Graeme Milicich
Course content:

Module 1 – Intro to BAARD, Tooth Structure, Biomechanics, & Biomaterials
Module 2 – Ceramic Design Fundamentals
Module 3 – Overlay & Onlay Preparation Philosophy, Technique, Protocol, & Demos
Module 4 – Advanced Adhesion & Immediate Dentin Sealing
Module 5 – Rubber Dam Isolation with Posterior Focus
Module 6 – Biobases, Advanced Adhesive ‘Build Ups’ & Deep Margin Elevation
Bonuse & Case Review

54 lessons – Files size 24 GB