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The University of Chicago Radiology Review 2019

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Thyroid Nodule Evaluation and Management: Evolving Topics – David Paushter, MD, FACR

Multidetector CT of Acute GI Hemorrhage – Stephen Thomas, MD

Body MR: A Practical Approach – Frank H. Miller, MD, FACR

Solid and Cystic Pancreatic Masses – Frank H. Miller, MD, FACR

Cirrhotic Liver Disease, HCC and MR Elastography – Frank H. Miller, MD, FACR

CT and MR Enterography – Aytekin Oto, MD

Prostate MR – Aytekin Oto, MD

Focal Lesions in the Non-Cirrhotic Liver – Melvy Mathew, MD

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine: Applications in the Acute and Emergency Setting – Sundeep M. Nayak, MD

Nuclear Medicine: Applications in the Clinic Setting – Sundeep M. Nayak, MD

BIRADS – Alixandra Purakal, MD

Interesting Cases – Ali Al-Saraf, MD

Advanced Imaging – Deepa Sheth, MD

Radiology Pathology Discordance – Kirti Kulkarni, MD


Imaging Ischemic Stroke – Greg Christoforidis, MD

Imaging Hemorrhagic Stroke – Greg Christoforidis, MD

Trauma and CT of the Head – Greg Christoforidis, MD

Orbits – Greg Christoforidis, MD

Infectious and Non-infectious Intracranial Inflammatory Disorders – Greg Christoforidis, MD

Brain Vascular Malformations – Greg Christoforidis, MD

Degenerative and Inflammatory Diseases of the Spine – Saad Ali, MD

Spine Tumors – Saad Ali, MD

Approaching Common Intracranial Neoplasms – Sundeep M. Nayak, MD

White Matter Diseases – John M. Collins, MD, PhD

Advanced Neuroimaging: MRS, fMRI, Diffusion Tensor, and Susceptibility – John M. Collins, MD, PhD

Acquired Pediatric Neurologic Disorders – Carina Yang, MD

Imaging of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancers – Sundeep M. Nayak, MD

Deep Spaces of the Neck – Daniel Ginat, MD

Temporal Bone – Daniel Ginat, MD

Neuroradiology Unknowns – Anatoliy Vaysberg, MD

Pediatric Case-Based Reviews: Emergency Department Radiology

Pediatric Thorax – Mario Zaritzky, MD

Pediatric Airway – Kate A. Feinstein, MD, FACR

Pediatric Gastrointestinal – Seng Ong, MD

Pediatric Genitourinary – Kate A. Feinstein, MD, FACR

Pediatric Musculoskeletal – Seng Ong, MD

Pediatric Neuroradiology – Carina Yang, MD

Interventional Radiology for the Diagnostic Radiologist

Venous Interventions and IVC Filters – Osman Ahmed, MD

Interventional Oncology – Osman Ahmed, MD

Non-Vascular Diagnosis and Therapy – Steven M. Zangan, MD

Clinical Quiz: Errors Made on Imaging Studies by Diagnostic Radiologists Interpreting IR Related Interventions – Rakesh Navuluri, MD

Nuclear Medicine

PET Imaging: Current Techniques and New Clinical Tracers – Daniel E. Appelbaum, MD

Skeletal Scintigraphy – Daniel E. Appelbaum, MD

Beyond Metabolic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Unknowns – Daniel E. Appelbaum, MD


MR Imaging of the Foot and Ankle – G. Scott Stacy, MD

MR Imaging of the Shoulder – Larry B. Dixon, MD

MR Imaging of the Hip – G. Scott Stacy, MD

Bone Tumors – Larry B. Dixon, MD

Metabolic Bone Disease – Larry B. Dixon, MD

MR Imaging of the Knee – G. Scott Stacy, MD

Imaging Arthritis – Larry B. Dixon, MD

Musculoskeletal Unknowns – G. Scott Stacy, MD


Upper Genitourinary Imaging – David D. Casalino, MD, FACR

Updates in Body CT – Emphasis on DECT – Pritesh Patel, MD

Lower Genitourinary Imaging – David D. Casalino, MD, FACR

Genitourinary Unknowns – David D. Casalino, MD, FACR

Lower Gastrointestinal Imaging – Abraham H. Dachman, MD, FACR

Virtual Colonoscopy – Abraham H. Dachman, MD, FACR

Rectal Cancer Staging/MRI – Carla Harmath, MD

Gastrointestinal Unknowns – Carla Harmath, MD


Interstitial Lung Disease – Steven M. Montner, MD

Mediastinum – Steven M. Zangan, MD

Cystic Lung Disease – Steven M. Montner, MD

Pulmonary Nodules and Masses – Heber MacMahon, MB, BCh

MDCT and Pulmonary Embolism – Heber MacMahon, MB, BCh

Chest Unknowns – Heber MacMahon, MB, BCh

Addressing Radiology Burnout – Jonathan W. Berlin, MD, MBA, FACR

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: A Reality Check – Paul J. Chang, MD, FSIIM

Obstetrical Ultrasound

Obstetrical Ultrasound I and II – David N. Rabin, MD

Obstetrical Ultrasound Unknowns – David N. Rabin, MD


Evaluation of LV Function: Cardiac MRI – Amit Patel, MD

Myocardial Tissue Characterization and Non-Ischemic CMP: Cardiac MRI – Luis Landeras, MD

Ischemic Heart Disease: Cardiac MRI – Amit Patel, MD

Coronary Artery Disease: Cardiac CT – Amit Patel, MD

Structural Heart Disease (including TAVR, LAA Occluder, and MitraClip): Cardiac CT – Luis Landeras, MD

Cardiac Masses – Luis Landeras, MD

Congenital Heart Disease – Sanmit K. Basu, MD, MS

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