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UCSF Radiology Clinical Update 2019

Series Release: November 16, 2019
Series Expiration: November 15, 2022
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Musculoskeletal, Lung

CT Approach to the Pulmonary Nodule: Update – Brett M. Elicker, MD
Diffuse Lung Disease: The Key Patterns – Brett M. Elicker, MD
Pulmonary Embolism: Controversies and Pitfalls – Brett M. Elicker, MD
Role of Imaging in Suspected Pulmonary Infection – Brett M. Elicker, MD

Basics of MSK US – Rina P. Patel, MD

Ankle: Tendons and Ligaments – Ramya Srinivasan, MD
Knee Ligaments – Ramya Srinivasan, MD
Knee Menisci – Ramya Srinivasan, MD

Musculoskeletal, Neuro

Imaging of Orbital Anatomy and Pathology – Yi Li, MD

Finger and Thumb MRI Simplified – Rina P. Patel, MD
Shoulder MRI: Instability and Labrum – Rina P. Patel, MD
Shoulder MRI: Rotator Cuff – Rina P. Patel, MD
Young Adult Hip: MRI – Rina P. Patel, MD

Hip Ultrasound Made Easy – Ramya Srinivasan, MD
Skeletal Trauma: Commonly Missed Injuries – Ramya Srinivasan, MD

Cysts and Hydrocephalus – David M. Wilson, MD, PhD


Hybrid OR: Implication for Radiology Practice and Trauma – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH

A Simplified Approach to Normal Brain Myelination – Yi Li, MD
Congenital and Perinatal CNS infections – Yi Li, MD
Congenital Spinal Anomalies: What the Surgeon Wants to Know – Yi Li, MD

Intracranial Hemorrhage – David M. Wilson, MD, PhD
Intracranial Infection – David M. Wilson, MD, PhD
Midline Masses – David M. Wilson, MD, PhD
Spine Inflammation and Infection – David M. Wilson, MD, PhD

Abdomen, Interventional

Biopsies and Drainages from Hell: How To Do It – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH
IVC Filters: A Primer and Medicolegal Implications – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH
Pearls & Pitfalls of Central Venous Access: Thoracentesis and Paracentesis – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH

Acute Abdomen: Pearls & Pitfalls – Priyanka Jha, MBBS
Non-obstetric CT/MRI in Pregnancy: How To Do It and What To Expect – Priyanka Jha, MBBS
Post-operative Abdomen: Upper GI Tract – Priyanka Jha, MBBS

Practical Tools for Addressing Screening Mammography Controversies – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

Imaging of Mesenteric Ischemia – Alexander V. Rybkin, MD

Abdomen, Breast

MRI of Endometrial and Cervical Cancer – Priyanka Jha, MBBS

Breast MRI Interpretation: BPE vs. Cancer? – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD
Digital Mammography Cases – Bonnie M. Joe, MD, PhD
Monitoring Response to Therapy in Breast Cancer – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD
MQSA and EQUIP – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD

HIV and AIDS: Imaging Update – Alexander V. Rybkin, MD
Imaging of Abdominal Trauma: Insights and Pitfalls – Alexander V. Rybkin, MD
Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Alexander V. Rybkin, MD

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