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USCAP Liver Pathology P’s and Q’s: The Perplexing and the Quotidian 2022

8 Videos + 9 PDF



This comprehensive approach to pathology of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tree is designed for junior and experienced pathologists who encounter these specimens in daily practice. Medical advances in management of patients with liver disease have dramatically changed the histologic patterns encountered in liver biopsies which are increasingly obtained from patients with multiple medical problems who take multiple medications. Classification of tumors of the liver, biliary tree and gallbladder has also become increasingly complex.
This course is intended to provide clarity on the common and uncommon patterns of injury seen in liver biopsies. Usual and unusual causes of acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis and cholestatic liver disease will be discussed. Tools to solve challenging metabolic and pediatric liver disease will be provided. Guidance will be given on how to interpret liver biopsies from patients with complex systemic diseases. A substantial portion of the course will address how to approach tumors involving the liver, biliary tree and gallbladder. Correct classification requires recognition of specific morphologic features, judicious use of immunohistochemistry and selective application of molecular diagnostics.
Target Audience
Practicing academic and community pathologists, and pathologists-in-training
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this educational activity, learners will be able to:
– Recognize the common and uncommon causes of acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis and cholestatic liver disease
– Correctly classify usual and unusual tumors of the liver, biliary tree and gallbladder
– Understand the important metabolic diseases that affect the liver
– Identify patterns of injury that commonly affect pediatric patients
– Distinguish systemic diseases affecting the liver from primary liver diseases
Items Included in the Purchase of this Course
– The Innocent Bystander – The Liver in Systemic Diseases and Assorted Oddities – Rish K. Pai, MD, PhD
– Metabolism Gone Awry – Metabolic Liver Disease and The Metabolic Syndrome – Maha Guindi, MD, FRCPC
– Pediatric Liver Pathology for Adults – John A. Hart, MD
– WHO’s Who in Biliary and Gallbladder Neoplasms – Maria Westerhoff, MD
– A Potpourri of Unusual Liver Lesions – Maha Guindi, MD, FRCPC
– Biliary Tract Disease – Looking at The Liver with A Jaundiced Eye – Rish K. Pai, MD, PhD
– Benign and Malignant Hepatocellular Neoplasms – Stumped by A Liver Lump – Maria Westerhoff, MD
– Acute and Chronic Hepatitis – The Bread & Butter, Pitfalls and Zebras – John A. Hart, MD
Original release date: March 14, 2022