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USCAP Mesenchymal Tumors: From Head to Toe (and Everything in Between) 2022 (CME VIDEOS)


Mesenchymal tumors are inherently diagnostically challenging, but a significant practice gap in their interpretation has developed as new entities and genetic abnormalities have emerged. Diagnostic challenges are associated with distinguishing benign spindle cell proliferations from high grade sarcoma due to histologic and immunohistochemical overlap. In addition to benign and malignant categories, contemporary classification of mesenchymal neoplasms emphasizes lesions with intermediate biologic potential, including those that are locally aggressive or rarely metastasize. There are circumstances in which pathologists can render only descriptive diagnoses without precise classification. New discoveries in molecular genetics have clarified some of these problematic lesions. Furthermore, there are newly described entities that practicing pathologists should be aware of so that tumors are appropriately diagnosed and optimally treated. This course, presented by expert mentors and educators, explores a comprehensive panorama of lesions and anatomic sites.

Target Audience
Practicing academic and community pathologists, and pathologists-in-training
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this educational activity, learners will be able to:
Recognize common and problematic mesenchymal lesions of different anatomic sites
Become familiar with recently described diagnostic entities
Design a panel of ancillary testing that aids in the diagnosis of mesenchymal tumors
Avoid pitfalls caused by erroneous interpretation of immunohistochemical stains
Understand the diagnostic criteria for malignancy and for the classification of mesenchymal neoplasms
Items Included in the Purchase of this Course
– Mesenchymal Tumors of Gynecologic Tract – Andre Pinto, MD
– Mesenchymal Tumors of Soft Tissue – Darcy A. Kerr, MD
– Mesenchymal Tumors of Gastrointestinal Tract – Gregory Y. Lauwers, MD
– Mesenchymal Tumors of Bone – Andrew Eric Rosenberg, MD
– Mesenchymal Tumors of Breast – Edi Brogi, MD, PhD
– Mesenchymal Tumors of Head and Neck – Bruce M. Wenig, MD
Original release date: February 17, 2022
Access to this course expires on:  December 13, 2024