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Virtual Cardiac CTA 2022 (Interactive way)


👉Cardiac CTA Level 2 Course Lectures
👉100 Mentored Cardiac CTA Training Cases

Target Audience

This online Cardiac CT course is a combination of lecture and hands on training with case review. Students will view Cardiac CTA Level 2 video lectures from Dr. Carter Newton and Dr. Roger Bies and work with 100 Cardiac CTA cases. Students manipulate and interpret the Cardiac CTA training cases using a full functioning online 3D workstation Cloud. Cardiac CT case findings are compared with cardiac CTA training video case reviews from Dr. Carter Newton and Dr. Roger Bies. During the video case reviews, students have the choice of watching a full case review, or a brief video summary of the highlighted the cardiac CT findings. This online Cardiac CT course also comes with two, one hour classroom webinars with our expert trainers Dr. Newton and Dr Bies. Webinars can be used for CCTA topic discussion, case reviews and, over reads of a student’s Cardiac CT cases. Cardiac CTA training cases count towards the minimum number of mentored examinations interpreted according to the ACCF / AHA Clinical Competence Statement on Cardiac CT and MR (Budoff et al, JACC 46:2005;383-402).

Physicians properly perform and Interpret a Cardiac CT Angiography.
Physicians appropriately select patients for Cardiac CTA exams
Physicians separate artifacts from the pathology
Target Audience
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Estimated time to complete this activity: 44 hours