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Zucchelli Channel International (The Complete Periodontics Course, All Videos)


This exclusive video course represents the most complete and all-comprising online educational resource dedicated to periodontics, featuring the content of 3 residential theoretical courses, video updates by the author and a rich series of surgeries with extensive and detailed commentary by the author.
Video list:
1. Diagnosis and prognosis of the gingival recession treatment
2. Coronally advanced flap with vertical releasing incisions (trapezoidal flap)
3. Connective tissue graft harvesting techniques
4. Coronally advanced flap for multiple gingival recessions
5. Coronally advanced flap with connective tissue graft for multiple recession treatment and interdental papilla improvement
6. Coronally advanced flap with connective tissue graft for multiple recession treatment of the lower incisors
7. Multiple bilaminar technique with vertical incision in the upper jaw with recession coverage by alternative matrix graft
8. Bilaminar technique with single incision in the lower jaw
9. Multiple bilaminar technique with single vertical releasing incision in the upper jaw
10. Bilaminar technique on single incisor in the lower jaw
11. Treatment of multiple gingival recession with combined tissue graft
12. Soft tissue management in periodontal regeneration
13. Diagnosis and prognosis of vertical bony defects
14. A Novel approach to minimizing gingival recession in periodontal regeneration the importance of non-surgical therapy
15. A Novel approach to minimizing gingival recession in periodontal regeneration surgical therapy
16. Connective tissue graft wall technique in the treatment of gingival recession associated with vertical bony defects
17. Multiple recession treatment in the esthetic area with coronally advanced flap and connective tissue graft
18. Soft tissue management around implants
19. Factors associated with mucosal recession around osteointegrated implants
20. Soft tissue dehiscence coverage around implant-supported crowns key factors
21. Surgical technique soft tissue dehiscence around single implant-supported crown
22. Soft tissue management before and after single implant placement buccal dehiscence prevention
23. Immediate implant placement with simultaneous connective tissue graft
24. Multiple recession treatment on teeth and implant with coronally advanced flap and multiple tissue graft
25. Gingival recession treatment on implant in central incisor position
26. Multiple gingival recession surgical treatment and combined tissue regeneration with amelogenin gel matrix and alternative dermal tissue xenograft
27. Crown lengthening procedure on fractured premolar
28. Coronally advanced flap with connective tissue graft on implants
29. Guided implant placement with connective tissue graft
30. Anterior conservative surgery in the upper jaw with connective tissue graft
31. Multiple recession treatment with mixed tissue graft CTG
32. Vertical Advanced Flap (VAF) with simultaneous CTG on 31 and 41
33. Gingival recession treatment on lower central incisor.
34. Implant placement with contextual coronally advanced flap
35. Lingual to buccal and apical to coronal soft tissue improvement of edentulous area with contextual CAF
36. Central incisor coronally advanced flap and contextual connective tissue graft on the lingual side.
37. Post-extractive implant placement and immediate loading in aesthetic area with contextual CTG.
38. Esthetics on natural teeth and implants thickness VS attachment.
39. Peri-implant soft tissue dehiscence deficiencies in the esthetic zone.
40. Surgical resolution of multiple gingival recessions the False Gingival Recession Technique.
41. Laterally moved flap for single gingival recession coverage on lower central incisor.
42. Wall technique with single flap approach for periodontal regeneration on lower incisors.
43. Bucco-lingual soft tissue improvement under implant-supported bridge in the esthetic area.
44. The connective tissue platform technique tridimensional soft tissue augmentation of edentulous space on maxillary central incisor.
45. Multidisciplinary surgical-prosthetic approach to implant displacement and contextual esthetic crown lengthening of the adjacent elements.
46. CAF + CTG on single recession in the upper jaw how to deal with the complete absence of apical KT and vestibular depth.
47. Buccal peri-implant soft tissue defect resolution via CTG+CAF.
48. Implant placement on element 14 and contextual CTG with simultaneous resolution of multiple gingival recession.
49. Implant placement on element 21 and contextual hard and soft tissue augmentation.
50. Surgical resolution of single gingival recession on lower incisor focus on flap extension management considerations in presence of frenulum, absence of kt and thin phenotype.
51. Soft tissue augmentation in zone 21.
52. Guided post-extractive implant with immediate loading on element 11.
53. Upper central incisor implant esthetic correction.
54. Guided post-extractive implant on lateral incisor 22.
55. Coronally advanced flap and connective graft for the treatment
56. Post-extraction guided implant surgery in zone 11 with CTG graft
57. Coronally advanced flap and connective graft for gingival recession resolution in zone 26
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Zucchelli Channel International (Part 3)
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