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2023-2024 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 06: Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Publisher: AAO

Format : Original PDF + Video included (QR code)

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Section 6 of the Academy’s Basic and Clinical Science Course™ (BCSC®) begins with in-depth discussions on the pediatric eye examination. Chapters in part one cover extraocular muscle anatomy, amblyopia, sensory physiology and pathology, and the diagnostic evaluation of strabismus. In addition, this volume covers the diagnosis and treatment of esodeviations and exodeviations, pattern strabismus, vertical deviations, nystagmus and special forms of strabismus.

Part two features content on pediatric uveitis and includes phenotype-guided case studies. A discussion on childhood ocular trauma with a chapter dedicated to unique issues in pediatric chronic eye care is included.

Section 6 of the BCSC includes 66 videos (sample), plus seven animations demonstrating the Krimsky test, cover-uncover test, alternate cover test, prism alternate cover test, simultaneous prism and cover test with eight video activities and case studies. Flowcharts to simplify the classification of common forms of horizontal strabismus are included. Both print and eBook users have access to the videos, animations, case studies and activities.

Upon completion of Section 6, readers should be able to:

  • Describe evaluation techniques for young children that provide the maximum gain of information with the least trauma and frustration
  • Explain the classification and diagnosis of amblyopia, as well as the treatment options
  • Describe the commonly used diagnostic and measurement tests for strabismus, plus identify and treat pattern and vertical strabismus, as well as special forms of strabismus
  • List the possible complications of strabismus surgery and describe guidelines to minimize them
  • Design an approach to the diagnosis of decreased vision in children and list resources available to these patients

Section chair: Arif O. Khan, MD
Last Major Revision: 2022-2023

Print: 524 pages