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ASGE Masterclass From the Basics to Beyond with EUS (On-Demand) March 2020

Format : Videos.mp4 & pdf
Released: March 2020
Viewing Time: 7 hours



ASGE Masterclasses are one-day, in-depth didactic courses presented by renowned experts on topics impacting your everyday clinical practice. This is the recorded version of the March 2020 course.
This ASGE Masterclass on EUS is designed for practicing gastroenterologists and others who use EUS in their practice, who seek a detailed overview of current EUS practices and standards incorporated in EUS centers across the United States.
Topics include:

diagnostic utility,
therapeutic uses,
general role of EUS in the care of patients with gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal disorders,
technology device considerations and
standards referenced for determining competency.

Case studies are incorporated to allow participants an opportunity to learn from various patient scenarios where EUS was incorporated as part of the evaluation process.
Course Directors:
Douglas G. Adler, MD, FASGE
John M. DeWitt, MD, FASGE
What You Will Learn
An extensive array of clinical tips will be discussed, including how to:

Prepare the patient, staff, and endosonographer
Stage of esophageal, gastric and rectal cancers
Differentiate the various types of solid and cystic pancreatic tumors and treatment with ablative therapies.
Use EUS for evaluating patients with autoimmune and chronic pancreatitis
Differentiate the various subepithelial mass lesions
Demonstrate proper technique for EUS FNA and use of core biopsy needles
Achieve technical proficiency for use of lumen apposing stents for treatment of pseudocysts and walled off necrosis
Utilize EUS for evaluation of bile duct stones, tumors and access
Demonstrate the technical aspects and role of EUS-guided angiotherapyLectures :
Welcome and Introductions
1-Session 1 – EUS – Nuts and Bolts
2-Session 2 – EUS for Staging of Luminal Cancers
3-Session 3 – Pancreatic Cysts, Masses and Ablation
4-Session 4 – Submucosal Lesions
5-Session 5 – Evaluation and Treatmet of Chronic Pancreatitis
6-Session 6 – EUS for Biliary Tumors and Stones
7-Session 7 – EUS Core Biopsies 2020 – State of the Art
8-Session 8 – Use of LAMS for Pseudocysts, Necrosis and Other Indications
9-Session 9 – EUS Guided Bile Duct and Pancreatic Duct Access
10-Session 10 – EUS Guided Angiotherapy
11-EUS Virtual Masterclass- Case Presentations and Discussion Part One
12-EUS Virtual Masterclass Case Presentations and Discussion Part Two

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