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Complete Orthodontic Course: From Beginner to Advanced


About the course
This complete orthodontic course explains in detail the fundamental principles of the discipline gathered in approximately 80 hours of lectures, video demonstrations, and clinical case presentations. By the end of the course, you will feel confident in planning and performing orthodontic treatment, starting from clinical examination and treatment planning, choosing the correct orthodontic appliance according to the case, and performing treatment with either fixed or removable appliances.
This detailed course will give you all the information to perform from simple to most complex treatment scheme including treatment with the help of temporary anchorage devices and combined surgical and orthodontic treatment of impacted teeth. You can see the full content of the course below.
This course includes

80 hours on-demand video lectures 
17 case reports
Downloadable resources 
Files Size: 6.83 GB

Who is this course for?

General dentists
Post-graduate students
Dental students interested in becoming an orthodontic specialists

Course Content
1. Introduction to orthodontics. Occlusion and malocclusion.
2. Growth and development of the craniofacial region
3.Development of the dentition
4.The orthodontic patient examination
5.Treatment Planning
6.Orthodontic tooth movement and biomechanics
7.Contemporary removable appliance
8.Functional appliances
9.Extraoral appliances
10.Contemporary fixed appliances
11.Decision on bracket type and system
12.Bonding in orthodontics
14.Management of the developing dentition
15.Management of incisor crowding
16.Management of oral habits
17.Orthodontic management of hypodontia
18.Orthodontic management of supernumerary teeth
19.Diagnosis and management of abnormal frenulum attachments
20.Early detection and treatment of eruption problems
21.Orthodontic treatment of dentoskeletal problems
22.Management of transverse problems
23.Management of vertical problems
24.Orthodontic treatment in the early permanent dentition
25.Development of a vertical problem
26.Transverce discrepancies
27.Treatment of sagittal discrepancies
28.Adult Orthodontics
29.Finishing the orthodontic case
30.Combined Orthodontic and Prosthetic treatment
31.Minor Tooth Movement
32.Cleft Lip and Palate
33.Summary of Treatment Planning for Different Malocclusions
34.Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders
35.Orthodontic treatment of impacted teeth
36.Orthodontic Mini implants
37.Self ligation in orthodontics
38.Pain, Lesions and Emergencies during Orthodontic Treatment
39.Clear Aligner Treatment
40.Lingual Orthodontics
41.Retention in orthodontics
42.Sleep Apnea
43.Treatment of dilacerated teeth
44.Treatment of patients with asymmetry
45.Minor Surgical Procedures