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OHI-S Occlusion in the Functional Concept of Slavicek – Gregor Slavicek



Dive into the basics of occlusion in functional concept with Professor Gregor Slavicek, a recognized expert in this field of dentistry!
In 12 consecutive lessons you will learn:
– Basic concepts of occlusion
– Classifications of occlusion and bruxism
– Characteristics of Angle Class 1, 2 and 3 and crossbite
– Step-by-step protocol for the manufacture and application of BruxChecker
– Functional analysis algorithm
– Protocol of conducting and reading the results of condylography
– Fundamentals of cephalometric analysis.
Below are topics

1 lesson
A functional approach to occlusion: basic definitions

2 lesson
Norm-occlusion vs Malocclusion

3 lesson
Characteristics of Angle Class 1 Occlusion

4 lesson
Characteristics of Angle Class 2 Occlusion

5 lesson
Characteristics of Angle Class 3 Occlusion

6 lesson
Characteristics of crossbite malocclusion

7 lesson
Occlusion and bruxism

8 lesson
Chewing surface morphology and chewing efficiency

9 lesson
Understanding the functional impact of occlusion on condylographic movements

10 lesson
Cephalometric occlusal analysis – occlusal planes

11 lesson
Cephalometric occlusal analyses – Dis-occlusal Angle and Curve of Spee

12 lesson
Occlusion within the cybernetic system