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Rasperini Masterclass: Interproximal Attachment Gain – The Challenge Of Periodontology


Prof. Giulio Rasperini and osteocom welcome you to the exclusive online Masterclass dedicated to the latest trends in periodontal regeneration: a theoretical and surgical course guiding you through interproximal attachment gain, intrabony defect resolution, and phenotype and papilla improvement.
At the core of this new concept we find the holistic view of interproximal hard and soft tissues, and an all-comprising treatment strategy for the correction of the deep and superficial components of the interdental defect.
This program analyzes the influence of biomaterials progression and the transformation and expansion of patients’ needs and expectations. Comprising a description of the new classification of periodontal diseases, this Masterclass provides the learner with a deeper understanding of the synergy between mucogingival surgery approaches and the latest periodontal regeneration techniques.
This Masterclass includes:

9 theoretical lectures with surgical clips
2 recorded surgeries
2 new Live Sessions with the author
1 recorded interactive session from the previous edition
Certificate of completion


The dates will be shared with attendees, 2 sessions will be made available to give the chance to choose the date that best suits your schedule. During the live session you will be able to submit questions and receive practical tips.


Don’t worry if you can’t attend: the live session will be recorded and remain available on demand.

At the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

Save teeth affected by periodontal disease
Understand periodontal disease diagnosis and classification
Perform interproximal attachment loss diagnosis, phenotype analysis and papilla evaluation
Master interproximal attachment regeneration techniques and their clinical application, indications and limits
Master mucogingival surgery techniques: CAF and Tunnelling, either alone or in combination with connective tissue graft or heterologous matrixes
Improve your knowledge of new techniques combining the mucogingival surgery concepts and the latest trends in periodontal regeneration

Techniques covered in this Masterclass:

Papilla preservation technique [by Takei et al.]
Modified Papilla Preservation Technique [Cortellini et al.]
Simplified Papilla Preservation Technique [Cortellini et al.]
Surgical technique for EMD [Rasperini et al.]
MIST – Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique [Cortellini et al.]
SFA – Single Flap Approach [Trombelli et al.]
M-MIST – Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique [Cortellini et al.]
Entire Papilla Preservation Technique [Aslan et al.]
Soft Tissue Wall technique [Rasperini et al.]
SFA with CTG [Trombelli et al.]
The VISTA Technique [Zadeh]