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USCAP How Senior Citizens from Cold Climates Deal with GI Biopsies in the Desert 2020 (An Emeritus Experience) 2020 (CME VIDEOS)


Course Description

Gastrointestinal pathology emerged as a subspecialty in the early 1980s, roughly coincident with development of endoscopy and mucosal biopsy for diagnosis and management of patients with gastrointestinal disorders. At that time, a number of pathologists dedicated their efforts to recognizing and classifying patterns of disease based on careful morphologic assessment, unassisted by immunohistochemical and molecular techniques. Many of their observations and conclusions have held true for several decades underscoring their validity. These individuals have tremendous knowledge to share with learners at all stages in their careers, many of whom have come to rely heavily on ancillary tests to establish diagnoses rather than morphologic assessment. Pathologists must be able to hone-in on key features in order to narrow the differential diagnosis and facilitate patient management. This special Emeritus course concentrates on the pioneers in gastrointestinal pathology and their prophetic perspectives.
Target Audience
Practicing academic and community pathologists, and pathologists-in-training
Learning Objectives
-Upon completion of this educational activity, learners will be able to:
-Recognize and classify dysplasia in the setting of Barrett esophagus
-Distinguish diagnostic features of medication and pathogen-related intestinal injury in the immunocompromised host
-Formulate a differential diagnosis for sprue-like lesions of the small bowel
-Distinguish invasive adenocarcinoma from mimics in biopsy material
Items Included in the Purchase of this Course
-The Appendix and Anus – Robert H. Riddell, MD, FRCPath
-My Favorite Things – Robert H. Riddell, MD, FRCPath
-The Small Intestine – Audrey J. Lazenby, MD
-My Favorite Things – Audrey J. Lazenby, MD
-The Stomach – Frank A. Mitros, MD
-My Favorite Things – Frank A. Mitros, MD
-The Colon – David A. Owen, MB, BCh, FRCPC
-My Favorite Things – David A. Owen, MB, BCh, FRCPC
-Problems in Liver Pathology as Experienced by Someone Who’s Been There and Done That – Linda D. Ferrell, MD
-The Esophagus – Henry D. Appelman, MD
-My Favorite Things – Henry D. Appelman, MD
-My Favorite Things – Dale C. Snover, MD
Original release date: April 17, 2020
Access to this course expires on:  January 29, 2023