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Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique


This 12 module course
12 video mp4 hd & 12 file PDF
Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique  
12 video mp4 hd & 12 file PDF  
Introducing the Course: Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique
Are you an orthodontist or a general dentist looking to expand your expertise in clear aligner technique? Are you seeking a comprehensive and convenient training program that offers flexibility without compromising quality? Look no further! We are thrilled to present the Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique, a transformative 12-module course designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in this innovative field.
About the Course:
The Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique is a systematic online training program spanning 12 weeks. Each module consists of a 2-hour recorded video that you can conveniently watch at your own pace. Alongside the video lectures, you’ll have access to downloadable PDF lecture notes, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. To reinforce your understanding, quizzes are available for each module, allowing you to earn continuing education credits.
As an exclusive bonus, every 4 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live ClinCheck® review session with the esteemed Dr. Sandra Tai. During these sessions, held via online Zoom meetings, you can submit your own clinical cases for review and gain valuable insights. To accommodate participants from various time zones, the sessions are scheduled with consideration for North America, Europe, and Asia. Even if you’re unable to attend the live session, recordings will be available for later viewing.
This course utilizes an advanced online learning platform, providing you with the flexibility to access course materials on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Additionally, you’ll become part of our vibrant online community, where you can connect with fellow dentists and orthodontists taking the course. Engage in discussions, post questions, and share updates in our exclusive alumni group, fostering a network of professionals passionate about clear aligner technique.
Course Benefits:
Enrolling in the Orthodontic Mini Residency in Clear Aligner Technique brings a multitude of benefits that will enrich your professional journey:

Expert Instruction: Receive instruction from Dr. Sandra Tai, an accomplished orthodontist with extensive experience in clear aligner treatment. Benefit from her expertise, gained through treating over 2,500 cases and authoring the renowned textbook “Clear Aligner Technique.”
Comprehensive Curriculum: The course curriculum covers essential topics in clear aligner technique, equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful treatment outcomes. Each module delves into specific aspects of clear aligner treatment, providing you with a well-rounded education.
Interactive Learning: Participate in live ClinCheck® review sessions with Dr. Sandra Tai, where you can submit your own clinical cases for personalized guidance. Engage in real-time discussions, gain valuable insights, and enhance your understanding of clear aligner treatment.
Continuing Education Credits: Earn 30 continuing education credits as an approved PACE program by the Academy of General Dentistry. Enhance your professional credentials while expanding your expertise in clear aligner technique.
Flexibility and Convenience: Access the course content at your convenience, whether you prefer to learn on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Fit the coursework into your busy schedule without compromising the quality of your learning experience.

Promote Emotions:
Embark on a transformative journey as you immerse yourself in the world of clear aligner technique. Experience the excitement of expanding your knowledge, honing your skills, and connecting with a community of passionate professionals. With the guidance of Dr. Sandra Tai and the support of a dynamic online learning platform, you’ll gain the confidence to embrace the possibilities that clear aligner treatment offers. Join us on this exhilarating adventure and unlock your potential in the field of orthodontics.
Videos list:

Intro and Welcome
Module 1 – Basic Principles
Module 2 – Anterior Open Bite Treatment and Resolution of Crowding
Module 3 – Deep Bite Treatment
Module 4 – Class II Treatment with Clear Aligners
Module 5 – Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement
Module 6 – Class III Treatment with Clear Aligners and Lower Incisor Extraction Protocol
Module 7 – Premolar Extraction Protocol for Clear Aligners – Part 1
Module 8 – Premolar Extraction Protocol for Clear Aligners – Part 2
Module 9 – Advanced Clincheck Techniques
Module 10 – Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Finishing, and Retention
Module 11 – Phase 1 Mixed Dentition Treatment with Invisalign First
Module 12 – Interdisciplinary Treatment, The role of TADS in Clear Aligner Treatment and Orthognatic Surgery with Clear Aligners
Check Review Sessions 1, 2,3