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USCAP Updates of the WHO Classification of Brain and Pituitary Tumors 2019

Details : 11 Videos + 11 Pdf
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Topics And Speakers:

Diffuse Adult Gliomas – Arie Perry, MD

Embryonal, Neuronal and Glioneuronal Tumors – Fausto J. Rodriguez, MD
Lecture 1 WHO Updates to Adult Gliomas
Lecture 2 WHO Updates to Pediatric Gliomas & Embryonal Tumors
Lecture 3 WHO Updates to Sellar Tumors
Lecture 4 Practical Approach to the Integrated Diagnosis of CNS Tumors Final Remarks
Non-Adenomatous Sellar Tumors – Maria-Beatriz S. Lopes, MD, PhD
Other CNS and PNS Tumors – Arie Perry, MD
Pediatric Gliomas – Fausto J. Rodriguez, MD
Pituitary Adenomas – Maria-Beatriz S. Lopes, MD, PhD

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