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Adhesive Dentistry Procedures


Direct and indirect restorations: tips and tricks on adhesive procedures and clinical protocols to ensure predictability
Welcome to Adhesive Dentistry Procedures, the osteocom course dedicated to the world of restorative dentistry by Gaetano Paolone and Salvatore Scolavino.
The course structures in a series of monothematic lessons with extended practical clips that show the applications of adhesive-type clinical strategies and protocols.
We start with a guide to the optimal use of the rubber dam, and then move towards an analysis of the uses of the zirconium and composite overlays, the relocation of the margin, the reattachment of dental fragments, the choice and use of the matrices on anteriors and molars.
The goal is to provide the learner with a guide to direct and indirect restoration best practices, to guarantee the maximum degree of predictability and stability of the result over time.
What you will learn in this course:

The correct positioning of the rubber dam by means of simplified and easily replicable principles;
The use of the composite (pre-heated, flowable composite or dual-cure resin cement) in the management of overlays;
Control of the thickness of the occlusal preparation, prep tools and their use;
Relocation of the cervical margin principles, dental fragment reattachment by means of adhesive strategies;
Choice and use of matrices in the anterior and posterior sectors;
The photographic protocol as a source of additional pre-restoration information in the anterior region.

Course Content:

Isolation Techniques: HOW-TO + Tips & Tricks
Composite Overlay Preparation and Cementation
Zirconia Overlay Preparation & Cementation
Adhesive Strategies
Marginal Relocation
Tooth Fragment Reattachment
Sectional Matrices in Anterior Restorations: Choice and Use
Posterior Matrices: Choice and Use
Dental Photography: A Restorative-Relevant Approach

By: Gaetano Paolone & Salvatore Scolavino