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American Association of Orthodontists Winter Conference 2022


+ Include: 16 videos, size: 11.2 GB
+ Target Audience: orthodontist
 Include: 16 videos, size: 11.2 GB
+ Target Audience: orthodontist
+ Topics:
A Transition Model That Works.mp4
From Bonds to Braces Pivoting into Private Practice, Prototypes, and Pedagogy.mp4
How to Recruit and Retain Orthodontic Associates in a Competitive Market.mp4
Inside the Numbers (and Trends) of Orthodontic Practice Modalities.mp4
Lessons Learned Orthodontic Wisdom Passed Down Through Three Generations.mp4
Merging Existing Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentistry Practices to Thrive in Today’s Changing Environment.mp4
My Practice Journey as a Solo Practitioner, Educator and now a member of an Orthodontic Support Organization.mp4
My Practice Journey with Smile Doctors.mp4
Opening Remarks The Triple DDD Effect How Data-Driven-Decisions Create Competitive Advantage.mp4
Ortho Pedo Partnerships What to Ask Before You Get Married to Avoid Divorce.mp4
Panel Discussion.mp4
Post-Pandemic OSHA & CDC Safety Precautions for Safe Orthodontic Care.mp4
Practice Growth How we went from Zero to Sixty.mp4
Practice Modality Panel Discussion.mp4
Why Changing the Game Matters to Your Success.mp4
Wrap-up Remarks Financial Decisions Orthodontists Must Get Right.mp4