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Digital Smile Design (DSD) Course


The Digital Smile Design (DSD) is based on the use of high-quality digital images—static and dynamic—that are essential for analysis, documentation, and communication in contemporary esthetic dentistry and can also be used as a basis to perform a series of diagnostic procedures, adding critical data to the process of treatment planning.
Course Content :

You will  understand the concept and diagnostic of DSD.
How to take best photographs for your patients
How to use keynote (Mac) or PowerPoint (Windows) programs to design and treatment plan of the patient smile (include keynote and PowerPoint templates)
How to transfer your design to a model and waxing
How to make best provisionals (Mock-up)
Smile design from 2D to 3D design with free software (Article and video by Coachman)
Extra files and different learning videos from experts

Files total size 5 GB
Note:  no computer program included in this course for smile design, you will learn how to use keynote (in Mac) and PowerPoint (in Windows) for smile design.
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