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The Ultimate Esthetics Course: Anterior Composite Compositions


This course is a must for any restorative dentist. It has been our most popular course at the CEE for over two decades.
Composites are the most versatile material in dentistry and they can take your practice to the highest level possible.
In this virtual course, Dr. Willhite will teach you how to make your composite restorations look as beautiful as porcelain veneers. You will learn how to achieve predictable success with composite veneers, Class III, IV and V restorations.
Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the most experienced and talented educators in the dental industry.
Module 1 – Introduction to composite resin and the layering technique
Module 2 – Overview of composite materials; learn a 13-step protocol for virtually any restorative situation.
Module 3 – Class IV exercise; learn the correct usage of a palatal template, including the initial lingual build up with composite.
Module 4 – Achieve lifelike contours, the mylar pull technique, primary anatomy and how to polish for long-term success.
Module 5 – Class IV exercise continued; learn how to achieve ideal contacts and the best way to polish composite.
Module 6 – Secondary anatomy is covered; template made for diastema closure exercise.
Module 7 – Set your restorations up for success with these important steps. Create incisal translucency using tints and opaquers.
Module 8 – Inner-sculpting technique; Class III and Class IV review. Learn how to achieve proper line angles.
Module 9 – Hands-on exercise of a large Class IV on a lateral; learn how to create incisal translucence with tints.
Module 10 – Achieve invisible margins, avoid air bubbles and learn how to tint. A step-by-step polishing sequence is revealed.
Module 11 – Class V., quick and easy repairs and maintenance, occlusal considerations,
Module 12 – Hands-on exercise of a dark central; Dr. Willhite simplifies the layering technique.
Module 13 – Shade change exercise continues with the use of opaquers and tints. Recognize and repair defects.
Module 14 – Advanced surface effects, the importance of patient communication and how to develop your ideal practice.
The Ultimate Esthetics Course: Anterior Composite Compositions
Presenter : Dr. Corky Willhite