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Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Retinal Tumors 3rd Edition

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by Arun D. Singh (Editor), Bertil E. Damato (Editor)


    Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology: Retinal Tumors 3rd Edition

    by Arun D. Singh (Editor), Bertil E. Damato (Editor)

    Written by internationally renowned experts, the 3rd edition of this six volume textbook provides detailed practical guidance and advice on the diagnosis and management of the complete range of ocular cancers. Supplying the reader with state-of-the-art knowledge required in order to identify these cancers early and to treat them as effectively as possible, this book is divided into six volumes: Basic Principles, Eyelid and Conjunctival Tumors, Orbital Tumors, Uveal Tumors, Retinal Tumors, and Retinoblastoma. The information presented enables readers to provide effective patient care using the latest knowledge on ophthalmic oncology and to verify diagnostic conclusions based on comparison with numerous full-color clinical photographs from the authors' private collections, histopathologic microphotographs, imaging studies, and crisp illustrations. 

    Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology's clinically focused and user-friendly format allows for rapid retrieval of information in daily practice and is written for residents, fellows, and any physician involved in the care of patients with ocular or orbital malignancies. Additionally, this edition adds several hundred new images to improve comprehension of procedures and techniques. This volume provides diagnosis and therapy for retinal tumors, including vitreoretinal lymphoma and paraneoplastic disorders.


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