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Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Treatment 3rd Edition

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by Yanoff, Myron, M.D. (Editor)


    Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Treatment 3rd Edition

    by Yanoff, Myron, M.D. (Editor)

    The third edition of this manual has been fully revised to provide the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases.

    Disorders are arranged in alphabetical order and each condition is presented over two colour coded pages, with ‘Diagnosis’ (definition, symptoms, differential diagnosis etc) on one page, and ‘Treatment’ (diet and lifestyle, treatment aims, prognosis etc), on the other.

    Authored by internationally recognised, Professor Myron Yanoff from Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, this new edition includes many new or revised images and illustrations and features two tables of contents – one listed alphabetically, the other by specialty, for quick reference. Each disorder includes its diagnostic code for record purposes.

    Key points

    • Fully revised, new edition presenting latest developments in diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
    • Quick reference, alphabetically-ordered, colour coded format
    • Contents searchable by disease name or specialty
    • Previous edition published in 2007

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