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Strabismus Surgery

by Jitendra Jethani (Author)

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This edited volume on squint covers newer, advanced surgeries that are now utilized globally to achieve superior patient outcomes. The topics include adjustable sutures, ciliary vessel-sparing surgery, superior oblique split lengthening, pulleys in surgery and pulley Faden, periosteal fixation of lateral rectus, muscle transplantation, loop myopexy, superior rectus transposition, advanced surgeries of inferior oblique and muscle transplantation. Chapters include notes on the surgical technique, personal experience of the expert, problems and limitations of the procedure, tips and tricks for improving outcomes, and modifications that may happen in future.

Strabismus surgery has seen major refinements in the last few years. Now surgeons have more options than ever before to consider when planning surgery for their patients.
Advances in strabismus surgery is for surgeons who have been doing horizontal strabismus surgery and are now keen to progress to advanced procedures.

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  • Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore; August 1, 2023
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9789811984327
  • ISBN: 9789811984334